A Visual Review: The Day

Pete has this thing about Darius' head. He just loves licking it.

Earlier in the day, Darius took a nap after opening presents. It featured him wearing Holly's gorilla slippers. Y'all, they are WARM.

Okay, I need to explain some things before we start in on the next few pictures. Darius was in the computer room, and Holly walked by the door all gussied up to go spend Christmas evening with the boyfriend's family. A couple of seconds later, I walked by all gussied up in the shirt I wore to church, my cookie pants, my Dr. Seuss socks (as Mike calls them), and a bathrobe that I think I gave to Holly but maybe I gave her that one that has monkeys on it? (you would think no one in my family has clothes but Holly, just from reading this post...) Anyways, I was a hot mess.
The contrast of the two outfits was amusing to Darius, so an impromptu photo was in order.

You should know I had my glasses on while wearing contacts. Things were blurry, but I'm willing to make sacrifices to stay in character.

After one picture, I couldn't stop posing and Darius kept taking pictures. Holly was already buckled in, so she was stuck going along for the rest of the ride.

Classic Holly face  ^

And then Darius and I took pictures.

And then I pretended to be Dark Wing Duck (theme song and everything)

And then we played games and watched Victor Borge. 

Is it true love?

Most definitely.