Reasons Why I'm A Great Wife

I don't want to brag or anything, but there's a very good chance that I'll be getting a "Wife of the Year" award, or some something like that (do they, legitimately, give those out...?).

See what I made?

(Please be noting the height, perfect for him, I had to use a stool to put it up)

(Also, please be noting the awful quality of this picture. I tried -FINALLY- editing a picture or two of this, and the program froze, and the pictures disappeared, and well the lesson we learn is to just stick with the crappy original pictures and to never try anything, children.)

I know. It's cute. I can't take credit for it though. Those Dating Divas are some smart ladies, and much craftier than I am.

The idea of it is to have a fun thing for my giant of a husband (people, he is 6'6) to look forward to, leading up to Christmas day (or at least the day we go out of town for Christmas). A compliment, a sweet thing for me to do, or a Christmas related activity. Remember how he's lacking in the Christmas spirit? I thought he could use something to add a little "Oomph!" into the holiday season.
And, for the record, he has told me that he likes my obsession love for everything Christmas and finds my insanity endearing. I hope he meant year round insanity and not just Christmas insanity...

So, there's been a wonderful side effect to this Christmas countdown. It's kind of turned into Mike Day everyday. But only kind of. And in turn, Mike is doing things that I usually have to ask him to do or just do myself (please don't get the idea that my husband is a bum, because he's freaking awesome). What I mean is, SOME people named Mike tend to THINK that if dishes sit in the sink for a little bit then it's okay, but then OTHER people named Sandi tend to KNOW that putting dishes in the dishwasher immediately is the best way to do things. And now-a-days they're magically all going into the dishwasher.
All sorts of random acts of kindness and little acts of service are happening left and right in my apartment! At least it feels like it to me. And it's happier too. I mean, we haven't had to have the cops break up a fight between us in weeks! WEEKS! But seriously.

It turns out that when you find ways to serve your spouse, they in turn find ways to serve you, and in turn the happiness that already exists starts to multiply and it's most fun. And Pete in turn gets more treats. Well, I'VE been giving him more treats... (I may still be trying to hold the spot in his heart as "Favorite Parent" but I think that contest was lost long ago...)

Moving on, heed my words! Do good things for the people that you live with, and the Christmas Spirit (I capitalized it because it's important) will multiply ten fold in your home.