O Tannenbaum

We've already properly established that I love Christmas, right? Have we properly established what one of my favorite Christmas things is?

The randomly decorated trees on the side of the road.

Do they have those where you live?

If you're in the Cedar Park area, and need something fun to do with your kids while driving around (or spouse, although something tells me Scamper Camper probably wouldn't want to play this game), head on over to Lakeline Boulevard, the section between 1431 and 183, and see who can spot the most Christmas trees. I saw one on the way to work today (it was on 1431 itself actually, and in a particularly traffic heavy area; kudos to the elf that did it!) and it was covered, COVERED, in snowmen decorations! 

I don't know who does these things, but I would like to get in on it, please. Mike said we would get arrested if we decorated one. I think that was just his Grinch side making an appearance. 

But seriously, how fun would it be to randomly decorate a tree on the side of the road?