A Message From The Furriest Roughton

Hey everyone!

I'm Pete. 
That's my favorite toy, in case you were wondering. I left it at Nana Bug's house, during Pretend Thanksgiving. You guys, Nana Bug is AWESOME. Except she doesn't feed me food off of her plate anymore, cuz mom made her stop. Moms. You know?

I think my mom talks about me a lot on here. If she doesn't then she should, because I'm the favorite part of her life. At least I think I am. Well she tells me that I am, but then she reassures my dad that HE'S the favorite part of her life. I think she's toying with both of us. And then she'll go on and on about how if they allowed dogs into the temple, then she would have me sealed to her and dad, but it's frowned upon and also pretty blasphemous, so we'll just have to settle for meeting up with each other in the Celestial Kingdom.

This is my field. I love my field. We've had all kinds of rain lately, so I haven't been able to play in it because it's all mud. My mom and I played in it one time, because she thought the mud had dried up. Then I jumped in the backseat of her car and got mud everywhere. It was awesome! When we got home, she made me sit on the tile, in the entry way, until she could get me into the bathroom for a bath. I was sitting REAL GOOD, but also I was REAL EXCITED and I took off into the living room, sending muddy paw prints everywhere and making my mom say things like "PETER PETTIGREW ROUGHTON!!!" That's what she calls me when I'm in trouble. I guess Peter Pettigrew isn't a good person or something...? She told me to get in the bathroom RIGHT NOW! and then she gave me lots of kisses because she thinks I'm adorable when I'm dripping wet and all pathetic looking.

You guys, my mom is nuts. She's always asking me if I'm her little puppy doggy? Like she doesn't know that? She'll say "Are you my little baby baby puppy doggy???" And I'll just look at her like "Duh" and then she'll smother my face with kisses and really all I want is my tummy scratched, dang it.
Also, I do not like wearing clothes. Being a banana? Not as glamorous as you would think. True story. That sweater she was going on and on about? ITCHY! Still, those two make me wear it for "warmth" and "cuteness." I'd rather be covered in mud. Or poop. But more mud than poop. Actually I haven't had a good roll in poop in YEARS.

"Are you talkin' to me?" See, I just don't get what's so adorable about this drenched fur look. I think I'm a pretty tough looking dog here. My mom goes crazy when I'm like this, saying how cute I am. Ugh.

Oh man, last night was scary. The smoke alarm in mom and dad's room was making chirping noises. So I hid in the safety of the corner behind the Christmas tree. It's all twinkly and snuggly and away from chirping noises back there.

This is my mom's favorite picture of me:

This was a couple of years ago on a Sunday. She had been baking all afternoon, and thought my dad was hanging out with me. Only he was asleep on the couch. She checked on me after 20 minutes of realizing that things were a little too quiet, and here's what she saw. This was the second pig toy that I had dismantled, except I dismantled this one in about 2 weeks time, as opposed to 6 months with the first one. They haven't gotten me another one since... I don't really see what the problem is.

Well, thanks for stopping by. Would it kill you to bring me some pieces of bacon next time?