Are You Hearing What I'm Hearing? And Seeing What I'm Seeing?

I know what every last one of you is thinking.

Sandi loves Christmas. How can I go about incorporating it into my life like she does?

Well I will tell you, and this is a special one time offer. Unless of course you come back and read this post again. But I am only telling you ONCE! (until I decide to share more of my Christmas with you...)

First of all, you need to get the following, post haste, in your life:

Alright, you've seen "White Christmas," but have you SEEN "Holiday Inn"????!? See it. Now. No, it doesn't come with a continental breakfast, but it has Bing Crosby. Oh the dreaminess of Bing. He's dreamy.

This. Is. One. Of. My. Favorite. Favorite. Favorite. Christmas movies. !. 
2 years ago, Mike gave it to me as a Christmas present, but about a week BEFORE Christmas, so as to enjoy it properly in the yuletide season. Anything associated with early gift giving is high on my list of likes. 
Also, one of the most quoted lines ever in my household is "Buzz. Your girlfriend. Woof."

Have you seen this movie? I mean, have you SEEEEEEN this movie?!? I will tell you right now, I watched it last week, and I will probably watch it no less than 5 more times between now and the end of December. Also, I watch it during the rest of the year too. 
It's a beautiful, just BEAUTIFUL, movie about family. And look at the cast! I know! (I firmly believe that while Emma Stone WOULD be my BFF, Rachel McAdams would be that girl at school who is so very sweet to everyone, but you're just way too intimidated by her to try and befriend her. But oh the sweetness!) 
You will probably need Kleenex  I cry in the same 3 spots, without fail, every time I watch this. Every time.

Have you ever wondered what Liev Schreiber would look like as a cross dresser? Every time I watch this movie, I say, out loud, "I can't believe that's the guy who is Sabertooth." I mean seriously. 
This movie is hilarious! Madeline Kahn, people!!! MADELINE KAHN!!! We watched this last week, when we put up our tree, and I still laugh. And Mike still laughed. We still laughed.

Last, but certainly not least, you need copious amounts of:

Apply liberally. 



This is NOT to be confused with "Muppet Christmas Carol." Which I love, but not like this. Let's face it, "Muppet Christmas Carol" came out when I was in, the 3rd grade? "Muppet Family Christmas" has been in my life for as long as I can remember Christmas. This IS Christmas to me. The only copy I have access to is the very old recording that my parents made many many MANY years ago, and I put it in my VCR last week and it didn't get eaten. It was a very exciting moment. 

Let me break down what it has, for you:
Muppets - YES! Sesame Street people - Okay! Fraggles - Meh. 
(I was never a big Fraggle fan) 
It has all of these worlds rolled into one glorious special! AND You get to see Jim Henson, the real live person, in the end. Basically, it's cold enough to freeze your Winnebago. 

So, if you want to have a Christmas season that is anything closely related to mine, you must have these things in your life. MUST.