Pretend Thanksgiving

Pretend Thanksgiving
/pri'tend \than(ks)-'givin/
noun; the celebration occuring on, or around, the weekend prior to Real Thanksgiving, in which one eats copious amounts of food at one's mother's house; see also "Fake Thanksgiving" and "Fakesgiving;" for additional information, see Slapsgiving.

I can't believe Pretend Thanksgiving has already come and gone! It only comes around every other year (because the other years we're at my mom's house on Real Thanksgiving) and it's usually over before you can say "Please pass more gravy and Mad Libs please."

This year was a little different than usual, what with a vomiting nephew and a sibling who was MIA most of the weekend. But still, hilarity and fun times ensued. I wish I had taken more pictures, but it was cut really really short since Angie had to get back home to take care of throwing up Andrew. I'm going to call Andrew that from now on. Throwing Up Andrew.

I don't know WHO put that many marshmallows on the sweet potatoes...

The obligatory watching of "Elf" with Thanksgiving.

Mike and Holly show their true feelings for each other.

Mike shows his food.

Lillian succeeds in, somehow, getting cuter.

Heidi celebrating my most favorite holiday! It's a month away people!

Josh looks more and more like James every time I see him.

I love Ben. That kid makes the best faces. 

And Mom puts up with Jeff and Darius, and Darius looks frighteningly like Dad.

Are you curious how my dessert turned out?? Well go check it out!!!