Happy 100th post, my blog! (I remember when my church celebrated the sesquicentennial of the pioneers crossing the plains, and there was going to be a big celebration, and every time the bishop announced it in sacrament meeting, he couldn't pronounce sesquicentennial. And he laughed. So we laughed at him. It's okay to laugh at a bishop if he laughs at himself first. Or if he is your brother in law.)

Isn't this exciting? Quite frankly, I can't believe I've kept up with this blog for as long as I have. I'm just as surprised as you all are. I know I posted more frequently in the beginning, but I'm content with the random posting that I do now-a-days. Random in so many ways... I guess my brain has just slowed down since July? My brain is the cause of so many problems in my life.

Moving on.

For my 100th post we will be discussing what I got in the mail the other day. Isn't that also exciting?

Every year, about this time, Sam's (the store of my dreams) sends out a magazine that basically says "Look at these pictures! This is all food that you can serve to your holiday guests and holiday party guests and regular party guests! It's very versatile! Also, come try it on the weekend of blah blah blah!" And every year, I look through that magazine and I say to myself "We're going. We're going to brave the crazies of Sam's that weekend, and we will sample. We will sample until the cows come home!!" And then I never do. THIS particular year, I will be at mi madre's house for Pretend Thanksgiving, but she'll be working Friday morning (it's next weekend by the way, Pretend Thanksgiving AND Sam's Holiday Sample Extravaganza, I don't know if that's what they call it but that's what I call it) and I'm thinking that somewhere in the midst of making two desserts for Pretend Thanksgiving, I might just have to wander out to Sam's and eat things like crab cakes and red velvet cheesecake. Yes. Red velvet cheesecake. Which I have a recipe for, by the way, I just haven't gotten around to making it yet.

Speaking of Sam's, isn't it the best? Everyone around here is all "Costco this" and "Costco that" but UGH, I will tell you, as someone who has a card for both Sam's AND Costco (it's a long story and a sensitive subject, I don't want to talk about it), Sam's is my FAVORITE.
Can we talk about the Costco parking lot first of all? Oh. My. Goodness. It's like someone took a bunch of pieces from 20 different puzzles and tried to fit them together and that's what the parking lot is like. This wouldn't be so bad if everyone and their dog wasn't there at all hours of the day, all of the time. One time, Mike and I made the mistake of going there on a Saturday afternoon.


I have seen hell.

It isn't pretty.

You think Mike at a Sam's on a Saturday is ugly, you should see him at a Costco on a Saturday. He's like Medusa.
Sam's, however, has a normal parking lot. You know, there's the building, there's the parking lot, you park your car, you go in. There isn't any mish mash waltzing of cars and parking in places that aren't even places to park.
Also, maybe it's because I grew up going to Sam's with my parents, Sam's is just better. There I said it. Also, I have yet to receive any invitation to a Costco Holiday Sample Extravaganza. I believe that this is one of two (or maybe both) reasons:

Reason number the one: They don't care enough to invite me.
Reason number the two: They don't even have one.

Either way, when my Costco membership expires in May, it will not be getting renewed (again, I really don't want to talk about WHY I have a membership to both, so stop bringing it up). Because I want nothing to do with a place that doesn't have a Holiday Sample Extravaganza! Even if I never go to it!!

How did I get on this tangent? Oh yeah! After getting my invitation to Sam's Holiday Sample Extravaganza (I will refer to this as SHSE from now on, because it could very well come up at least 5 more times in this post) I remembered that there was a plethora of things that I needed to get there. So, I went there yesterday, sporting my Army PT shirt because that's what you do as the wife of a soldier on Veteran's Day, and I was offered sugar and spice pecans and breakfast sandwiches (even though it was 12 pm! they think of EVERYTHING!) and fruit juices! Oh Sam's. Nobody understands me like you do.

Also, that was where I realized that my favorite part of Veteran's Day, is seeing the old men wearing all of their pins and medals proudly, and swapping war stories with each other. It's moving and adorable all rolled into one. Aren't they just the cutest things you've ever seen? I want to hug each one and cry.

Also some more, have I mentioned that I get to be married to this guy?

I'm a day late, but happy Veteran's Day to all those who serve in uniform and those who serve by loving them!!

And happy SHSE weekend next weekend!!!

(listening to Celtic Woman Christmas while folding laundry)
Me: See, what we're listening to here, is Thanksgiving music.
Mike: You're not supposed to lie to your husband.
Me: It's not a lie! This is the kind of music that you listen to this time of year. Thanksgiving music! The day after Thanksgiving, we just start calling it something else.... See?
Mike: (I'm pretty sure there was an eye roll here, I don't know, I was too busy being right about things)