And It Came To Pass That I Got Preachy

It's been awhile since we talked about something deep and thought-provoking, right? I can hear you all laughing now. None of those words describe my blog. Especially not "deep" or "thought." Maybe provoking. Like, "provoking people to riot," or that type of thing.

So I've been reading this book called "Standing For Something" by Gordon B. Hinckley. Some of you have probably never heard of it and the others of you are probably saying "Sandi, that is so 10 years ago." To which I would agree and I would probably argue that I was a teenager when it came out (oh so many years ago...) and such things didn't really cross my mind. But I'm reading it! Finally! Look people, my MOM (the woman who still denies talking to angels - she did very vehemently after I told all of you about it - but still does it daily I'm mostly sure) hasn't even read it. I'm passing it on to her when I'm done, so stop worrying.

When the giant man and I got married, we both contributed very few worldly possessions to the marriage. Few compared to what we have now anyways. Now we probably have entirely too many worldly possessions. That's a story for another time. One thing that I contributed in vast abundance, however, was books. In fact, I recall my dear husband grumbling about the number of boxes of books that he had to lug up the stairs to our very first, shoe box apartment. My point is, this particular book I did NOT contribute to our marriage. Mike did! It's one of those things that makes me smile and love him even more. This was a very long side note by the way.

Moving on. I was communing with my bookshelf the other day, asking it what I should read next, and something said "Over there! That one! Read the one The Hinck wrote!" In case anyone is wondering or doesn't know, Gordon B. Hinckley (so I call him The Hinck...what??) was the prophet of my church, until he passed away a couple or so years ago (oh I cried, and I cried). He wrote this book, not just for members of our church, but for EVERYONE! The more I read this, the more I think "Maaaaaan, they should start each session of congress with a chapter of this book." He outlines 10 very neglected virtures in our society, and how they can help heal our homes and nation. It's not like what he's writing about is anything new, that we shouldn't all already know, but he just has a way of putting words together and sharing stories from his life that make the points hit home even more.

One particular piece has been running around in my brain ever since I read it Saturday night. It just won't go away. Here it is:

"But the kingdom of God is not a democracy. Wickedness and righteousness are not legislated by a majority vote. Right and wrong are not determined by polls and pundits, though many would have us believe otherwise. Evil never was happiness. Happiness lies in the power and the love and the sweet simplicity of virtue."

I know right? RIGHT? Man. Old Gordon B. was fantastic (I call him that sometimes too). It's just been resonating with me because, I know I've mentioned this around these here parts before, I've really been trying to clean the gunk out of my life. And by gunk I mean the music that isn't uplifting or the movies and TV shows that aren't either. I've had to cut out a few TV shows in my time.... "Will and Grace" and I used to be best friends. Oh Karen Walker. If I was a drunk drug addict, I'd want to be just like her. But I'm not and I won't be! It was really hard to let go of it at first. REALLY hard. Quotes from it would constantly pop into my head. I remember talking to my mom about it one time and she told me to stop thinking about it when they came up, and move my thoughts into a different direction. Just like always, she was right. After a few months, it stopped happening.

I know this all probably sounds dumb and trivial to most of you (I say most because my mom is probably reading this to her BFF angels right now) but it's what's in my brain currently and I like to share my brain with my favorite blog readers (that's all of you by the way, you're all my favorites, don't tell the others). We had a church conference this past weekend and again and again the Spirit kept saying to me "Clean it out, clean it out, clean out your life!"

Because, people, is a funny show or a catchy song really worth keeping me from where I want to be? I tend to think not.
Also, I don't want any of you to think that I'm passing judgement on you because of what you may watch or listen to or whatever. I'm a big advocate of having free agency and also of not being perfect, so those 2 reasons alone keep me from sitting in a place of judgement. These are just personal feelings that I've been having a lot lately, and feel like I should be acting on them.

I will get off my preachy soap box now, and go check out that other box over there that has cookies in it.
The Spirit hasn't told me anything about avoiding cookies....


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