Some Random Things From Today

So I work in a swim school right? There's lots of water in lots of places. The locker room is no exception. In the girls' locker room (I can't say the same for the boys' although I imagine it's probably the same...) you go one way and there's lockers and showers and then you go around a different corner and that's where the toilet stalls are. Lots of water accumulates all over the floor no matter where you are in there. People are constantly showering before getting in the pool and then once they get out and then there's half naked childrens running around dripping wet (one time I walked in, and a girl who was probably 6, was buck naked running from the lockers to the toilets with her panties in her hand, raised above her head like a flag; it pretty much made me laugh - also you shouldn't ever run in places like that. you could slip and fall. disclaimer of the day). Anyways, the water on the toilet side of the locker room floor always makes me think about Moaning Myrtle. I can't help but think 'This was the cause of her death.' What if I'm in there one day, all by myself, no one else around, minding my own business while taking care of nature calling business, and a basilisk snake happens upon my toilet and I turn into a ghost? I guess if I saw it through a puddle of water it would only petrify me, rather than kill me, like it would if I looked directly into its eyes. Wasn't it Mrs. Norris who saw the snake's reflection through the puddle of water? So, now that I think about it some more, I suppose the puddles of water should remind me of Mrs. Norris, not Moaning Myrtle. Also, I am aware that these are fictional things I'm talking about, and yet they run through my mind.

I would also like to just put it out there and say, Mike is pretty awesome. Sometimes you get all gung ho on getting your life into shape which requires some discomfort financially because you're not buying things that you used to and you also have to put the blinders on in the grocery store so that you stop being attracted to the holiday food bookazines and you want to buy your husband a new laptop with all of your heart and decide that putting a little money aside with each paycheck is okay but then, THEN your modem decides to die and you get to pay 100 big ones to get a new one. Was that in the plans at all? Not really so much.
As I sat on the bottom shelf in Best Buy tonight (it was a less than entertaining aisle and Mike was kind of talking to himself as he looked at routers and modems and hubs and lots of things that he later explained their purpose to me but it kind of sounded like 'blah blah blah wires blah blah blah chips blah blah blah' so that's why I was sitting on the bottom shelf, I was bored and tired and trying not to look at price tags) I was trying to think of how I could downsize the grocery list, on account of this "fun" new purchase for which to use the internet, and also how I could possibly still rationalize putting money aside to surprise Mike with a laptop, when he knelt down next to me to ask what I thought about what we should spend and then I just spilled the beans and told him about trying to get him a new laptop. He laughed at me. Not in a mean way. More like a 'my wife is cute sometimes' kind of way. And he told me it was okay and it could wait. And I said "Are you sure you're still okay with doing this?" and he said "Doing what? Making our future? Of course." And then I wanted to cry. I really like that guy.

And I came home and there was Flogging Molly on 'Austin City Limits' so that was exciting.

One last thing, can someone please tell me since when has "Tainted Love" been an 8 minute long song? I don't believe I've ever heard the version that Pandora just made me sit through (it's not my favorite song from the 80's...).