But What Does It Mean?

Well, I will tell you. This is the time of year when all of my jackets/hoodies begin their annual exodus out of my closet and into the random places of my world. I have to tell you, this is a great trial to the part of me that hates clutter, but mostly there's this other part of me that says 'I'm going to be wearing one of them in 5 minutes anyways, and I don't know which one I will want to wear at that time, so it's staying where it is.' 
You could call it "March of the Jackets" or something. There's a rumor going around about Morgan Freeman doing a documentary about it next year.

Speaking of Morgan Freeman documentaries and things to keep people (and OTHER cute things!!!) warm, are you ready to see the cutest picture in all existence? People, I think it's cuter than looking at a fat baby. And you know how I feel about babies. 


Get ready

rex penguin sweaters ll 111020 wblog New Zealand Penguins in Need of Sweaters

I know!!! I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to hug them and name them Lucy and Ethel too!!! I KNOW!!!!! I've looked at this picture at least 20 times. In the past 5 minutes.

Seriously though, there was an oil spill in New Zealand, and when oil gets on penguins feathers it basically ruins their water proof-ness. Until the penguins are in a condition for a really good cleaning, they're making these sweater dresses (or jumpers, as the good people of New Zealand call them!) to keep them warm and from preening their feathers (if they preen it will just open up holes in their feathers that make them even more vulnerable)

And if you do, I want to know! And send me pictures!! And have I ever told you that penguins are my favorite animal?? They were my favorite long before Hollywood went and made them all famous with documentaries and stupid movies that you think are about dancing and fun, but really are about the environment (I hate those kinds of movies. Yes, I'm looking at you "Ferngully"). When I was little (perhaps 3?), my family went to Sea World, and there the penguin exhibit is this room/cave with a huge viewing window looking into the penguin "world." You get on this conveyor belt so you can see all of it from one end to the other. According to my mom, she and I rode the conveyor belt no less than 10 times because, blog readers, it was love at first sight. Me and those penguins.