Reasons Why

Dear Husband Mike,

The following are the reasons why I bought another bookazine that is fall food related:

1. Sam's discounts their magazines by 30%. Basically we'd be losing money if I hadn't gotten it. Right?

2. It's all baking stuff. You like it when I bake. I like to bake. This is win win.

3. So, last week when I was grocery shoppping I did a dumb thing. You know how I buy apples in those bags rather than individually because I just can't finish a whole big apple in one sitting and then they start getting all brown and gross and who wants to finish those anyways once they get all brown and gross so the bags of smaller apples make more sense economically and foodically? I got a new bag of apples, except I got Grannie Smith. (I don't know what I was thinking.) I LOOOOVE Grannie Smith, but let's face it, Grannie Smith is good for baking and not for snacking. I tried to pretend like I was enjoying the experience of eating one on its own, but it became very difficult as my taste buds became over powered by the very tart, sour appleness that was going on. Anyways, I've got Gala apples to snack on now, and all of these Grannie Smith apples are sitting in the produce drawer. Sitting there. Waiting to mean something to someone. Fall baking = apple recipes. This goes back to us saving money. First it was 30% off and now those apples won't go to waste because there's a bajillion apple recipes in this bookazine. I am saving us money right and left.

4. I repeat, you like it when I bake.

In conclusion, really you should be thanking me for being such a thoughtful wife because I was only thinking of us when I bought it. (and the fun time I would have, later, laying on the couch, carefully obsessing over every recipe...)


Wife Sandi