I Can Quit Anytime I Want

Who would like a second helping of my blog today?

So, I have what some people might call a problem. And by some people I mean, Mike. I, however, choose to call it one of the more glorious, endearing, quirky angles of me. I have this thing:

It's the smaller of the 3 bookshelves in my home. Mike looks at the 3 bookshelves and probably thinks 'When will she stop buying books?' I look at them and I think 'When can I fill those empty spaces?' Anyways, this is my food bookshelf. (the stack of papers in the middle is the recipes I've printed and they're just waiting to find a home in one of the notebooks) My cookbooks were quickly outgrowing the space I had them in before, so a new home was in urgent, URGENT order. I can't have my cookbooks being all chaotic and shoved into weird places. Then my life feels all chaotic and shoved into weird places. Anyways, I realized yesterday that, yes maybe Mike is slightly right, I may have a slight problem with my cookbooks (but I can quit whenever I want!). I see them in the bargain section at Barnes and Noble (and the non bargain section...) or waiting in the check out line at HEB (those are more like magazines, but kind of books too; bookazines?) or calling to me from Half Price Books or I check them out of the library and decide that it's something I need permanently in my life and have to find a copy for myself (I do not steal from the library, what kind of a person do you think I am?) Anyways, YESTERDAY! (why do you people get me so side-tracked?) I realized I have gotten a lot of these books/bookazines/magazines/printed off website pages and I haven't made most of them. (Sometimes I like to just sit around looking through all of my cooking/baking paraphernelia. Much like a normal person would look at a coffee table book or something.) So, I decided that I was going to start going through my books and marking the things that looked fun and appetizing to me and I would make something new at least once a week. Aren't I a genius? I know, I know.
I was going to try two new ones in the upcoming week: a calzone and a slow cooker turkey breast recipe that looks delicious. I was super excited about the turkey one because I've never really cooked a turkey before. Unless you count the first Christmas that Mike and I were married and he set my hair on fire over the turkey. Also it was about 70 degrees outside so it didn't feel like Christmas.
Here's a picture from that Christmas!!!

I don't really recall what was going on here. That was almost 3 years ago. Looks like Holly was turning 17 though. Just a guess. Moving on.

I go grocery shopping today after work and do you realize how not cheap turkey breasts are??? The recipe called for a 6 to 7 pound turkey breast and that thing would've run me $16-$17 bucks! I wouldn't have been so annoyed if the recipe hadn't been philandering around saying it was "economical." Economical my foot! Maybe that's the problem with this country! The government is cooking itself too many turkey breasts, thinking they're being economical, when really they could use chicken and it would be so much cheaper, what with all the stock markets and bankrupcies and car companies flying in private jets. Am I right or am I right? Or do I have no idea what I'm talking about? Probably a mixture of the two.

In conclusion, you guys have been having summer right? I'm pretty sure, unless you live in Washington state, you've all been having a horrendously hot summer. I don't think I've stopped sweating since mid-May. My point is, usually when I take Pete to play in the field by our complex, we finish playing when I say we finish playing. It is a sign of how hot it is when, after a few throws of the tennis ball, Pete catches it and then trots right past me to the car.
Really, can he be any cuter? Probably not. I would probably die if that dog was anymore cute than he already is.