Bloggers Block

Today is a day where I don't have to punch a time card. A Day Off if you will (I capitalized it because it deserves it) Once again, for my Day Off, I had every intention of wearing my Cookie Pants (more on that later) all day and watching British love stories or some other something ridiculous like that. The more Days Off I get, the more I've realized something startling about myself: I don't know how to be lazy for an entire 24 hours anymore. In some alternate time dimension (hey, it could happen, according to Lost) my 14 year old self is shaking her head at me and saying 'What happened to all of those glorious summer days when we did nothing but watch Real World marathons all day?' And in another alternate time dimension that's not as far into the past as my 14 year old self, my 20 year old self is shaking her head at me and saying 'What happened to all of those Saturdays when you had nothing to do so we watched 'America's Next Top Model' marathons all day?' Have you all lost complete respect for me now that you know I used to watch the Real World and America's Next Top Model?
Moving on, I had every intention of not doing much today, but I made this promise to Pete yesterday about how I would exercise everyday this week. My need to exercise and my need to read scriptures on a daily basis happen at opposite ends of the day. If I don't exercise first thing in the morning (or right when I get home from work, depending on my schedule for the day), the chance of it happening at all is nonexistent. On the other hand, if I try to read my scriptures first thing in the morning, I go all Balaam and start hitting talking animals. I just am too not awake enough to get anything out of it so it feels forced and I'm not happy. On the third hand, if I read my scriptures in the afternoon or the evening time, my mind is alive and thirsting for deep, thought provoking, spiritual knowledge with which to fill my life! And as I said before, if I leave exercising until that time then...well the donut I ate this morning would go straight to my hips.
Back to the promise I made to Pete. It is a truth universally aknowledged, that when you make a promise to a dog, out loud, then you must follow through with said promise. So we went on a jaunt. And once I get moving about, I can't slow down again and things get cleaned, and errands get run, and surprise donuts are taken to a husband under the pretense that I wanted to be sweet but really I wanted an excuse to get another buttermilk donut. And then here we are. Blogging away like we're Abraham Lincoln and we have a Union to save.

Speaking of blogging, I feel like I've had bloggers block lately. It's awful, people! AWFUL I SAY! I've had all kinds of views on life that I've wanted to share but they never go further than a couple of thoughts and oh it's just very sad. So I've decided to show you the cutting room floor of my brain:

When we go on walks, I've observed, as I've mentioned before, that Pete barks at trucks and big vans and such. But sometimes, he gets all prancey and excited and wags his tail? What does this dog want with these vehicles?? I've decided if he was a little boy, he'd be like my nephew Andrew, who knew the names of all kinds of trucks and trains and things that move dirt, all at the tender age of 3. (Likewise, my sister can identify most vehicles on a construction site. Just one of the major benefits of having children.)
Or what about airports? I don't think that anyone in my life, including my mother, knows how excited I get about airports. Not the small, podunk town kind, but the BIG, INTERNATIONAL, parking lot has its own zip-code, kind! If somebody were to say, hey can you drive me to the airport? Or hey, I need someone to accompany me to the airport to pick up my uncle who's flying in from Russia, will you go with me? I would jump up and down and say YES! YES! TAKE ME WITH YOU! Now granted, driving around the DFW airport (and probably many others, but that's the one I'm most familiar with) is akin to driving around hell, I would think, but once you get inside, it's a magical place where people are coming and going and who knows where they're coming from and where they're going to, but oh my it is fun to think about! And why do some girls decide that the best clothes to travel in are a pair of Uggs, short short shorts, and some designer t-shirt? (Also their hair is strategically messy, while they drink their Starbucks and wheel around their designer carry-on bag.) It's not just DFW, it's all major airports I've been to and the ones I have yet to. I LOVE them. Madi mentioned this in a post one time, so I'm sure she's picking up what I'm putting down over here.
Also, I'm concerned about the foliage around these here parts. Some trees are still green, or greenish. But with the lack of rain we've been having for the better part of since the dawn of time it seems, I've noticed a lot of trees that are naked or have dying leaves. I'm kind of a fan of fall foliage and I can't help but wonder to Mother Nature 'What happens when fall rolls around, and these trees are already thirsty and dead and not painted with all the colors of the wind?' It's going to be a most unfortunate Autumn if that becomes the case.
I have this adorable ability, that Mike just loves, that enables me to not hear things correctly the first time they're said to me. This mostly only happens with Mike and it's definitely not my fault because he is a mumbler and his mother would probably agree with me. He might ask me something like 'Are we going to get pizza?' and I would say 'You went to Chichen Itza?' Or he may say 'I'd like to get a new winter jacket' but I would hear 'I like to trade shoes with Buddy Hacket.' Again, not my fault everyone. He is a mumbler.

So there you have it. The cutting room floor of my brain, because I've been having bloggers block. Makes me wonder how this post got so long.

In closing, I would like to share this picture with you, because I feel like Awkward Family Photos is something that you need in your life. (I would like to say here, more for my mom's sake than anyone else's since she doesn't like looking/laughing at the people of Walmart website because what they're wearing could be all that they own, these photos are all submitted by the people in them. They're laughing at themselves, so we should too, I think.)