A well hydrated snuggle

A wondrous thing happened last night. Pete let me snuggle him. I mean without getting anything from it (i.e. tummy scratches). He just lay there and let me snuggle him. I think he could sense that I was frustrated last night because I'm having issues with making things lately (things like a clean kitchen, a bed, a styrofoam ball with thumbtacks in it, a baby, etc.). We snuggled for a good SEVEN minutes, that dog and I!!! It was wonderful. At one point I said to him 'Pete you smell like corn chips, I think a bath is in order for this weekend.' Our good SEVEN minute snuggle ended when Mike came to bed and put his feet by our faces (we were laying backwards after all). Pete left, as most people do when confronted with Mike's feet. Then Mike read a magazine and wiggled his toes. I wonder if he did that unconsciously? Wiggled his toes, not read the magazine.

My husband has a talent that I am so jealous of I could almost spit fire. On a regular basis, right before going to bed, he drinks a whole glass of water. Friends, do you know what would happen if I did that? I would spend the better part of ALL NIGHT getting up to visit the water closet. I drink water all day long like it's going out of style (seriously, about 150 oz a day) but around 8 o'clock in the PM I have to take it easy. But not Mike.

Anyways, I'm gonna go settle down with a good bowl of cereal and an episode or two of 'Phineas and Ferb,' because it's my day off and I can do that. Y'all have a great day!