In which I plan to become more educated.

I've decided one of the BEST things ever is to wake up in the morning, walk into your kitchen, and realize the leftovers that you dumped into the garbage last night (and forgot to take out) have now developed a certain...rancid musk. If I had a nickel for every time...

Ugh it's been hard to feel 'bloggy' this week. Work is getting kind of hectic because we are on the cusp (I kind of don't like that word) of transitiong from the summer schedule to the fall schedule. Something happens every year, about a month from now, called 'back to school.' A great deal of the kids who've been swimming during the day, all summer, will be joining that movement. This means they need afternoon/evening classes. This means classes that are already full have parents/kids banging on their doors, trying to get in. It's kind of like trying to fit a bunch of these

(have you ever had the chance to play with a St. Bernard puppy? I have and basically I think they will be running all around Heaven)

into some of these

(that atrocity, dear blog readers, is jeggings, if you didn't already know)

Have I properly painted a picture of how stressful it has been? I think they should make shirts for us to wear over the next 2 weeks that say "Don't Shoot The Messenger." It's a good thing my co-workers love me and I love them and they love me for loving them and I love them for loving me (Thank you Roxie Hart) We're pretty good at having each other's backs, but still, I've been coming home lately and feeling so tired and bummed and just BLEH! You know? Watching episodes of Lost every night probably isn't helping either... (But what does it all MEAN???)

Today at work, however, I had a really fantastic epiphany of sorts. Some of my fellow employees will be leaving in the next month to go to school. One of them was complaining about the issues of going to college (money could rain on her house, actually, and she would complain about it...) and all of a sudden it was like the Spirit pinched my arm! It really did!! And He said 'Sandi! Let's get some more information crammed into your brain shall we??? It will be so much fun!' And I thought 'Hey you're right! I need to take some classes again!' So I decided right then and there that when I got off work at one, that I would go talk to an advisor. And I did! Turns out, it's really not going to be difficult for me to jump right back in, which makes me very happy. My advisor was so cute and sweet. She asked me why I wanted to get back into it and I told her I felt it was time and also I really missed taking classes. She looked like she wanted to kiss me. As I left she told me to have fun and I thought 'Heck yeah I am! Maybe I'll learn more about HUMANITIES!!' (no sarcasm here... seriously.) Also, I know you're all dying to know, but unfortunately (sarcasm noted?) I will not be taking classes with the school that produced this commercial which we have discussed before.

Also, Mike needed new Sunday shoes, so we went and got some last night. Mama didn't raise no fool, so I checked out the clearance section for Sandi shoes while he looked for his.

I like them!