A Weekend in Visual Review

Friday night, we went to the temple!! I love that place.

I especially like the van on the left side of the picture. We probably could have picked a better angle...

Saturday morning, I went to my very first farmers' market! I know! I've lived in Austin a good 3 years and it was my first one.

My very first farmers' market purchase, 2 cucumbers. It was bright. Do you like my squinting? I also got some chocolate gelato (Oh man. It was good.) and Mike got a breakfast burrito and we saw our neighbor and my friend Annette!

Saturday night, I had a date with Harry Potter (Mike came too. It wasn't awkward.) And I realized 'I'm about to see Harry Potter on the big screen for the final time. I should really think about what I'm going to wear.'

So I thought...

And I thought...

And finally I thought 'I will wear black to morn those we will lose tonight, and pink because I like it!'

Today, I woke up not feeling good. Mike went to church, and then came home and made waffles.
Look at him, reading recipes, measuring things and whatnot. He's so cute.

Here's my waffle! That peach was dang good too (It was not a farmers' market purchase...it came from the good folks at HEB)

I hope everyone has a fabulous week!