The Ramblings of a Mad, White Woman; Part 2

Today, as Pete and I were leaving the apartment complex for one of our whenever I get off my lazy bum daily walks, we happend across another girl walking her dog. I kept walking straight, but Pete decided to start walking diagonally in front of me. Twice I pulled lightly on his leash and told him to leave it. Sadly, he didn't. So I pulled a little harder and said leave it with more force. Do you know what my baby baby DID? He barked. It wasn't a painful bark or a 'Hi how are you other dog' bark. No. If my dog was a condescending teenager, that's how his bark sounded. It was as if he was saying 'Gall MOM! I just wanted to say hi to that other dog over there! You don't understand me! This is just like me and my friends' Seals and Croft cover band! You don't understand it and you'll never understand anything I do!!'
And then my heart ripped in half.
And I thought 'Is what I want, more than anything right now, really to have a kid?' Some kid that acts like a parasite for nine months, and then becomes even more dependent after exiting the womb. I have to raise this kid up to be a respectable member of society and a faithful member of our church. It has to learn to read and write, and by some miracle of God because it won't be getting this ability from its father or me, it has to learn math. Then it will get older, and think that I am no longer cool or wise or capable of telling funny jokes (I am so capable of telling funny jokes it's not even funny). I no longer understand anything. I don't know what it's like to be a teenager. It might even say it hates me! (One time my brother told my mom that he hated her. However, he was 3 or something and she wouldn't get him a treat at the store, and also he yelled this across the parking lot. She laughs about it now. Knowing her, she probably laughed about it then.) Anyways, all of these thoughts flashed through my head in one split second.

And then,

I thought,

'When am I going to get pregnant already?? I can't WAIT!'   :)

And then I thought, when is the sky going to stop being so dreary and start sending us some rain already?!?!? I'm getting pretty sick of finding those weird skinny bugs every morning in my tub because it's got the most moisture in this place! Maybe we should just stop bathing because then there won't be any water in there!! Dumb bugs. These were my next thoughts after the baby/teenager/Pete thoughts.

About 5 seconds after barking at me, Pete acted like nothing ever happened. Typical 4 year old dog...