Ohana Means Family

I made a ginormous mistake last week. 
First of all, I read this, and then I started thinking "Yeah...YEAH! I could pass the PT test too!"

That wasn't the ginormous mistake part.

The ginormous mistake part was when I actually voiced those thoughts to Mike. I was kind of hoping for the same reaction as the woman who wrote that blog post. In my mind, Mike thought that was totally hot and would think it was a turn on. 
In REALITY, he said "Oh okay" and immediately began figuring out how many push ups and sit ups I'd have to do in 2 minutes and the time I'd have to be under for a 2 mile run, and then proceeded to start figuring out a strategy.

I. Married. A. Nerd.

So, twice in the past week, I have done a 2 mile run. It probably would've been more, but there's been rain. You know.
Twice in the past week, I have surpassed my mind in running distance. My mind was still sitting at the .75 mile marker when I ran back past it to finish up 2 miles. 
It feels amazing and awful all at the same time. 
That's the longest I've ever been able to run in one sitting. In one sitting? That's the longest I've ever been able to run in one running? This is turning weird...
Mike has been so patient with me. I know he could take off and probably finish the run about 10 minutes quicker than I could, but he sticks right with me and gives me encouragement when I need it most. Last night, when we were just one hill away from the last marker which would end the run, I kicked it into gear and gave it everything I had. I probably looked something like a lunatic running uphill. He said "Oh going faster are you?" He then kicked it up a couple of notches and continued to jog along leisurely... His legs are about 10 times longer than mine so...yeah.

Also, I've been revisiting my Zumba on the Wii over the past couple of weeks, instead of doing my usual 4 mile run/jog. I thought maybe changing up my cardio routine would be good.
In a good direction this time. It was a joyous occasion this morning for my weekly Tuesday weighing.

Oh! AND! Last night while we were running, we passed the ugliest little pug I've ever seen. I just wanted to hug and kiss it. It looked just like Stitch.


Just like that, except really dark brown, with the worst sort of caramel colored spots all over. Hideous!
It was so adorable.

At this time, I really need to get something off of my chest. I'm not going to apologize for it either.
Do you know what really bugs me?
When people organize their books according to color.
For example:

How the DEVIL are you supposed to find anything? I've organized my books alphabetically by author, by title, and then alphabetically by author in their respective genres. I can't ever keep it one way for long, because I like reorganizing them. 
I'm crazy, I know, but how can you stand to separate books like that when organizing by color? "The Hunger Games" would be off in one corner with all of the scary, black books while "Mockingjay" would be somewhere in the midst of the sky blues! HOW IS THAT CONVENIENT! I don't even want to know what would have to be done to my paperback Harry Potter's that have the diamond design in multiple colors on their spines. 
What then, huh? What. THEN.
Speaking of books, I found a good use for my collection of Ikea bags. I've filled both of them (2 can count as a collection, right?) with all of the books I'll be taking to Tyler. I am so dang proud of myself because it's really only about 1/4 of my books that I'm taking.
Anyways, Mike walked into the office today and saw the two bags full, I mean just FULL to over flowing, of books and said "Are those the books you're going to sell?" (in the process of deciding what goes with me and what sleeps in storage, I've also cleaned out books that I have never read or will never read again, and those will be taking a trip to the magical land known as Half Priced Books) and I said "NOOOO! Those are the ones going to Tyler!" I then proceeded to point to the small stack of about 12 books all by themselves and said "Those are the ones I'm selling..." 
He laughed at me. That husband. He's always laughing. Usually at me. Or something witty that I said.
I'm just so witty.

Oh and can we talk about something else completely different without a segue into it?
I work for the best people. The BEST. 
Sunday afternoon, we spent a good chunk of time with Mike's family, and then went home to chill for the rest of the night. I got a text from Sam that said "Will you be home around 7:20? Maggie has something for you."
I thought that was random but okay I like getting things so of course I told him I'd be home.

Look what I got!

That's a BIG bowl full of baking chips, a really most excellent bar of chocolate, and wonderful bottle of vanilla. 
Do Annette and Sam know me well or what? And of course Maggie. I'm told she picked out mostly everything in the bowl. 
I can't even wait to use the vanilla and the milk chocolate chips to make Oreo pudding cookies this week.
I wish I could give thoughtful gifts like this! I am awful at thinking of gifts. 
If I could choose a super power, it would be something like being the best at thinking of thoughtful gifts. Or healing powers. One of those two. Or maybe controlling the weather. Or flying.