Can we talk about Petey Pie some more today?
Of course we can!

There is an evil dog that lives upstairs.

His apartment is upstairs and over one from ours so, because our balconies are angled, we can see each other just fine when he's wandering out on his balcony. Which he's been doing a lot lately.

Why is this dog evil?

Nothing but an evil dog could cause my 40 pound ball of crazy to tremble with fear, whine ceaselessly, and become a frightened lump of cuteness.
I'm almost sure of it.
Not only does Pete do all of those things, but he also shoves himself between my feet, beneath the desk, when that evil dog comes around.


I know, it's adorable. But he could man up a little.

Although, who can blame him.
Get a load of the evil dog that lives upstairs:

That's him glaring at me with his death ray eyes.

He's even scarier when he moves closer, isn't he?
I mean, he must have at LEAST 30 pounds on Pete. You know, 30 pounds LESS than Pete...

It's a good thing I'm moving back in with my mom when Mike deploys. I have a feeling anyone that would try to break in, would be BFF with Pete after about 5 minutes. Or he would run in terror from them.
It could go either way, though I'm not keen to find out which.