Wind Swept Loveliness

About a month ago, the women in my church got together and did a service auction. A service auction is where you offer a service (food, personal training, make-up tutorial, babysitting, etc.) and people get to bid on them with fake money. Now, you're wondering how much fake money everyone gets. I can feel it. Well I will tell you.
At the beginning of the auction, we all filled out a questionnaire about service or church related things we might have done recently. We got points for each one that we had done and that equaled our dineros para (por? para? this is far from being correct in Spanish anyways) the evening.

One of the very first items that was up for bid, was someone painting a landscape. I kept my hand up the whole time until I divided and conquered and I won that painting dang it. I love paintings! After I was declared highest bidder, the painter pulled me aside and told me to just email her a picture of some place I'd visited or a favorite landscape.
My brain's first thought was "Giant's Causeway." Really, that was my brain's only thought on the matter.

So, I present to you, my painting. Which I just got yesterday.

I'm in love with it. She captured it quite splendidly. Especially the basalt columns.

And in case you were wondering, I too brought service to the auction. I baked loaves of challah for my bishop's family.