My Magical Canine

Clearly, Pete has magical powers.
I think he thinks he does anyways.
Something happens every time the three of us get into Mike's car. It's always Mike's car because if we're going somewhere together he always drives so it makes sense to take his car. Sometimes I'm amazed at how logical we are.
Anyways, we'll drive along for a few minutes and after awhile,

there he is.

Right behind me.

Head shoved against the window and the part of the car that's between his door and mine.

His eyes stare intently into that corner where the side of the window and the car meet, like he's going to drill a hole through it with his gaze.

When THAT doesn't bring him the result he wants, he begins pawing at the window.
When THAT doesn't bring him the result he wants, he begins pawing at the window, alternating between both front paws.

And then Mike, usually laughing, appeases him and rolls down the window so he can stick his head out.
The thing about this, though, is that BOTH back windows have to be rolled down. You know how it is inside of a car when only one window is unrolled. You get that weird sound/feeling in your ears. Typically, once Pete sticks his head back inside (after a whopping 5 seconds), he'll go back to the middle of the seat. But sometimes, he tries to make it to the window on the other side and has almost lost his nose a couple of times while Mike was rolling it up.
One time, while driving at a particularly upbeat pace, Mike didn't have the windows locked, and all of a sudden I hear what I think is Niagara Falls. Luckily it wasn't Niagara Falls, but it was Pete sticking his head out the window. I was about to tell Mike that he was a ridiculous, crazy person for unrolling the window while we were going so fast, but before I could, he said "PETE! That dog unrolled the window himself!!"
So now, when we get in the car with Pete, the doors and windows get locked before much else happens. Because one time he pawed at the handle and would have opened it had it not been locked.
Thank goodness.

That dog.
Maybe it's not magical powers, but fine motor skills.

I met a bear yesterday.

Here we are. Looking out into the world. Wondering what it would be like to have an apple covered in all kinds of deliciousness. But then we turned around and remembered we were in the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and there was a ridiculous amount of apples, covered in ridiculous amounts of awesomeness, behind us the whole time.

Also, did you REALLY think I would forget?

(The Camilla and Harry look-a-likes are the best)

And if you watch this one, it's the coverage of the whole thing all over again! Just what you wanted! 

Happy Day William and Kate the Great <3