The Wisdom Of Millionaire's Shortbread

Today is rainy and cold.
It's wonderful.
We haven't had many cold days this winter. You know, there has been some complaining about the lack of cold this winter (I've been one of them, I admit it. I never thought I'd be wanting cold weather) but really how often does Texas get months, MONTHS, of pleasant weather? Hasn't this winter just been beautiful?? And how much rain have we gotten!! Oh, the Earth is just drinking it up, I can feel it.

So, I've got this pan of millionaire's shortbread that's been staring at me all day. I made some yesterday when Mike unknowingly reminded me that we have dark brown sugar. Millionaire's shortbread is the only thing I really use dark brown sugar for (have you HAD millionaire's shortbread??? No? Okay you need to go over here and use my favorite recipe to make some post haste. POST HASTE I SAY!) so I made some.
With it being a cold, wet day, I had some of the shortbread for lunch, because that's just what you do. Am I right? 
Look, if this was staring at you

 you'd do it to (don't worry, I'll have vegetable pizza and a big salad for dinner so there's some nutrients and what have you).

Every time I eat millionaire's shortbread, I tell myself that the shortbread layer is my favorite part. But then after 2 bites, I think "No, that gooey caramel in the middle is just...perfection." But then after a few more bites and/or pieces, I start to think that I was losing my mind before and how could anything be better than the chocolate part?
Such is life, is it not? We think that there isn't anything that could possibly be better than what is in our face, right this second. But then the heaven's open and something just as amazing comes along. And when the shortbread, caramel, and chocolate comes together, you realize it all fits to make something wonderful and glorious to be enjoyed as a whole. Even the bad parts. And, really, the only bad I've come across with millionaire's shortbread is the remorse after about 6 pieces. Which also applies to life. Too much of a good thing and all...

Am I right?