The Pie

I got to talk to Heidi today.

Heidi is my eldest niece. She's 4 going on 37.

We waited a long time for her. My sister (Angie, of course) had to go and have 4 boys first, and make us wait FOR.EV.ER. before allowing us to have a little girl to dote on (now we have 2, Lillian showed up after Heidi, and really I can't tell you which one is more adorable).

Today Heidi is wearing a ballerina dress. It's purple, which she likes.

A couple of weeks ago, I got a text from Angie and it said "Heidi says Grandpa Bob died and left her in charge."
I don't even want to think about the ramifications of Dad leaving Heidi in charge. (Grandpa Bob is my dad by the way, in case you missed the post where Josh decided to call him Pappi instead of Grandpa Bob except it was at his funeral, so no luck with that one Josh. Anyways.)

Here's my favorite Heidi Pie story: (I used to have a picture to go with it, but I can't find it for the life of me)

Mike left for basic training in July 2010, so I (and Pete) moved back home to live with my mom while he was gone. My sister lives about an hour away from my mom so I got to see her family more frequently. One particular Saturday, they were over at Mom's house and we were all just hanging out, watching Riverdance. That's the kind of things her kids watch while hanging out. They like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movies too. I hope to be as cool as Angie's kids someday.
Anyways, I'm sitting on the floor, watching the show with Andrew and Ben, when 2 year old Heidi comes and sits down next to me and scoots over close.
She looks up at me smiling and says "I helped you feed Pete."
I kind of smiled down at her and said "Oh that's good. Wait. WHAT?"
I then asked her to show me, so she did.
She had scooped food out of his food bin, into his water bowl, until it all reached the top. The dog equivalent of cereal and milk?
It was really hard not to laugh, because Angie had been telling Heidi all day that Sandi is the only person who gives Pete food, and so I knew this would be a discipline type situation and laughter just wouldn't help.

Angie -  Heidi. Who feeds Pete?
Heidi -  Me--
Angie -  No, Sandi.
Heidi -  --Sandi....

She was a little upset because she WAS "helping" but she paused from pouting long enough to smile so I could get a picture of her next to the dish, and send it to Mike.

Here's Heidi at the Thanksgiving following the water/food bowl incident. This looks freakishly like Holly did at the same age.

And here's a more recent picture of Heidi Pie. At Christmas. Smooshed between a couple of ponies.