I'm Not Too School For Cool, Just For The Record.


I get real excited, and turn up the radio, when Pink's song "Raise Your Glass" comes on.

Which is dumb because I don't drink OR like Pink (kind of rhymed?). What's even worse is my favorite part to sing is when she says "nitty, gritty, dirty, little freaks." This is bizarre coming from a person who cleaned "Will and Grace" and "How I Met Your Mother" out of her life, because my spirit kept saying "I DON'T LIKE THIS" (do you like how I changed from third to first person halfway through that sentence? And Karen Walker still has a spot in my heart...she always will...).  Maybe that's my favorite line because of the music itself? It goes up and then down really fast? It's kind of catchy? Am I rationalizing myself into a pit of sinful destruction?

So, that was what was playing when I turned on the radio this morning. I've been listening to the radio to get a heads up on weather everyday because I haven't been watching TV all month. It was just one of those things that seemed like a good idea and I like the idea of achieving a goal in a month. A month isn't a terribly long time, and I like being able to see a definite end time for a goal. I'm trying to decide what I want to set for myself in April. Give up Pinterest? Do ab or leg workouts consistently? (I'm still keeping up with walking/running, but my stomach is feeling neglected and my thighs get places before I do. I don't know what that means but, you know, they're out of hand.) 

Any thoughts on this? What do you think you could/should take a break from for a month? Or what should you try doing consistently for a month? Or how about me?? How about what I should do?!
(this would be a good time for all of you blog stalkers to speak up. I know you're out there. Who the heck is reading this blog!? I've been curious to know.)

So, anyways back to the radio, Pink was on and then Sandy (I listen to "JB and Sandy In The Morning," Sandy is a boy in this case. I used to listen to Bobby Bones but man is he annoying. He thinks he's right about everything and he's so cocky but also completely insecure at the same time? And don't get me started on his sidekick, Lunchbox.) was going on about how Chumbawamba's "Tubthumping" is one of his favorite songs because of the memories it conveys when he hears it.
They played it and I was in the seventh grade again.
Do you want to know what I learned from that song? Well from my friend Leslie, because of that song? "Pissing the night away" means getting drunk all night long, not going to the bathroom a lot. It's Australian slang? Leslie taught me this splendid tidbit whilst my mom was driving us to ballet. My mom drove us to ballet and her mom would take us home after it was over. Those were good times because my mom always gave us each a dollar and we could go get a bag of chips and a bottle of Snapple from the vending machine (Holly had her class before ours so we had time to kill, and what healthier way is there to prepare for a serious dance class than by drinking straight sugar and eating hot fries?). That was back in the day when you could get both of those things for a dollar. Can you get a bag of chips for a dollar now?
I'm digressing.
After they played the song, Sandy said "It's not a great song, it's a time and place song." I love that! Kind of like.... anything by Smashmouth or Britney Spears.

Do you have a song, which you hold near and dear to your heart, that isn't great, but it's a good memory?

And since this post has been exceptionally random, here you go:

You're welcome.