Am I Losing My Mind? Or GAINING It...?

So, on Friday morning I deposited some money into our checking account. I don't mind telling you it was $550.
Sometimes $550 doesn't seem like much. Sometimes $550 seems like the world. 
And sometimes $550 makes you go crazy.

Friday evening, I checked our bank account to see if things were kosher there. I didn't see the money. That was odd. They are usually very quick about putting money in. 
Saturday, I double checked, just to be safe. Still nothing.
Yesterday, I checked all day and became increasingly worried about where the money was.
$550 didn't seem like much until I started thinking about all of the tanks of gas and groceries it was meant to buy. 
Y'all, $550 is a LOT of money. Especially when you don't know where the heck it is.
Of course, OF COURSE, I had lost the receipt for the transaction, so there was no proof of it happening. I finally decided this morning that I would go into the bank with my ID and the check number that was part of my deposit, and hopefully get things figured out from there.
I planned on them being nice, because they always are, but I was also preparing myself to lay the smack down. You know, because money is useful to have.

Don't even worry everyone, I definitely deposited it into savings instead of checking and it was sitting in there since Friday morning.

That was round number one.

Round number two was this afternoon when I was doing a serious cleaning of my microwave and stove. I realized I could lift up the stovetop like the hood of a car. As I exclaimed and sang songs of joy over this realization, Mike said "Yeah. Most stoves do that. Your mom's does that. So does that one."
Thanks Mike. For the first time in 4 years of being responsible for my own stove, I NOW know how to properly clean it (but isn't that just SO convenient??? I'm dying over here because of the convenience!).

It's just been one of those days where I'm lucky my head is attached to my body with my neck.

Also, sometimes I get these weird notions and I don't rest until I resolve said notions. Which is how I found myself, for the better part of an hour tonight, surrounded by every DVD and CD case in this apartment as I put the DVD's and CD's into books. Because I'm just sick, SICK I TELL YOU!, of looking at a giant shelf of DVD cases. 
On the downside, this is taking over my living room:

Don't forget this side!!

I know. I almost wanted to cry a couple of times. Especially with the CD cases. I kept thinking "Why didn't I start downloading albums years ago??"
The husband and I can't wait to start shoving these into garbage bags when he gets home from the gym in an hour. We're anticipating many holes in the bags which will make the endeavor that much more fun!

And yes, we DO in fact own both "Looney Tunes" and "Animaniacs" on DVD. It's just another one of the reasons why we are cool people.
Oh! Do you suppose I could nix the dealing with garbage bags all together and sell these pictures to the "I Spy" books? I think I'm really on to something here.