Hold Me Closer Tony Danza

I was driving around running errands this morning, when all of a sudden "Puttin' On the Ritz" started playing. I, of course, became quite excited and yelled "TACO!" whilst throwing my fist in the air.
I looked back at Maggie and said "Maggie say 'TACO!" She of course said "Car? Cars. Truck! Beep beep!"
Looks like someone needs a lesson in 80's music.
However, halfway through the song, I did notice that her unicorn was dancing with her sippie cup, so that was exciting.

Also, can someone please tell me what is up with cauliflower? I bought a head of it last week for a dollar, A DOLLAR. And when we were strolling around the HEB earlier, it was $2.58 a head! Or something obscene like that. Is there some sort of cauliflower shortage I should be knowing about?
Do you remember a couple of years ago when there was a pumpkin shortage? Actually, isn't there a pumpkin shortage every year? Anyways, a friend of mine said "Oh my gosh! Last time this happened, I couldn't find any canned pumpkin to make pumpkin cookies at Christmas!"
This prompted me to use my lunchtime to go to the Brookshire's (NOT as cool as HEB; cooler than Wal-Mart, but you have to sell a kidney to buy groceries there) (also, this was while Mike was learning Army, so I was living with my mom and that's why it was a Brookshire's I was patroning) and purchase about 15 cans of pumpkin. Look, I had my eye on about 5 pumpkin involved recipes and I was not about to let my hopes and dreams go because of a dad gum shortage. Consarnit.
My mom thought I was crazy until I explained my logical thinking and then she understood why half of her food storage was now pumpkin. It's a good thing canned pumpkin lasts so long, because last time I was at her house (in January?) she made me take some of those cans of pumpkin with me. I think we made maybe 2 of the recipes that we were planning on?
It turns out I was a little bit crazy about stocking up on canned pumpkin.

But wait.
Crazy, or awesome?

Okay, so here's what I was thinking tonight as I made cauliflower puree for dinner (p.s. don't even waste your time, anyone who says it's a GREAT substitute for mashed potatoes is telling you a lie and owns stock in cauliflowering). I'm listening to Elton John and I think "Okay Sir Elton, you write the music for at least 3 musicals (upon further investigating, it's 4 that I can find. Who knew he wrote the music for "Lestat"??!) BUT, you have yet to create a musical with your own songs."
Do you know what I mean?
Shouldn't Elt J. (that's what I just decided to call him) jump on the wagon with ABBA, Queen, Green Day, and etc? They would have no problem coming up with a story line using his songs!
And there's already character names! Benny! Daniel! Suzie!! ("Crocodile Rock" is DEFINITELY my favorite Elt J. song) And so on and so forth.

I guess the moral of this post is, next time your blue and you don't know where to go to, why don't you go where fashion sits?