And Nothing Is Going On?

Geez, what have I been up to all week that would keep me from blogging for so many days?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Life has been, capital B-oring. Well, mostly.

So Tuesday, nothing is going on and nothing is going on and nothing is going on and we don't celebrate Valentine's day really because it's less than a month before our anniversary and nothing is going on and then I come home from work and BAM! That man that I'm married to proceeds to feed me lobster that he steamed himself. And he did really well. I don't even know how to properly cook lobster.

It was one of those moments where the Spirit re-confirms that you married the right person. I mean how could it NOT? He. Cooked. Lobster.

So Wednesday, nothing is going on and nothing is going on and then I successfully pushed a two year old in a stroller and walked a five year old on a leash (for the record, the stroller inhabitant was human and the leash inhabitant was canine). I, and all of you I'm sure, must be thinking I'm a superhero of some kind. I can't think of anyone perfecting the art of pushing a stroller and walking a dog at the same time. I might be getting a little self-centered and obnoxious with that assumption?

So Thursday. Remember how Pete had to be tranquilized before his annual appointment?
I gave him one pill two hours before his appointment, as instructed.
People, I was sitting there in the exam room with the two favorite men in my life (my husband and my dog, duh) and I'm looking at that dog and I'm looking at that husband and I'm saying "HE'S NOT DRUGGED UP AT ALL!"
And he wasn't. It was so fun trying to get a muzzle on his mouth so that they could draw his blood. I was worried that all four people involved, myself included, would be getting stitches together. That's how mad he was.
So Pete's doc says "Let's reschedule and give him more pills an hour earlier next time."
So we rescheduled. And we get to try allll over again this coming Thursday.

I can't even begin to tell you how sad and hilarious it was once the tranquilizer kicked in an hour after we left the doctor. Poor Pete. His back legs didn't know if they wanted to be bow-legged or keep crossing in front of each other.
He was fighting the drugs SO HARD.
Watching him jump up on anything was heart breaking and giggle inducing all at the same time. He'd get right up to the couch or our bed, and take five quick little steps in place before finally jumping and landing mostly on his destination (his back legs, again, took their time figuring out what they were doing).

And as for yesterday and today, it's just been rainy and rainy.

So there you have it. A boring week. Here's hoping this next one gives me more fuel with which to power my blog.

The end.

Also, listen to this when you need to relax your mind.