Deep Thoughts From A Wednesday Afternoon

As I was driving home from work yesterday, and rounding a corner (a corner which I take on a daily basis, this is crucial info, as it is apparent that I don't pay attention to my surroundings...), I thought "Who would let 3 kids play in the middle of the street and why are they all wearing matching, red beanies?" Upon closer inspection, I downgraded my assumption from humans to cardinals and I thought "What are the odds of 3 cardinals all playing in the road at the same time??" (there's a soft spot in my heart for cardinals, because there is a HUGE spot in my mom's heart for them and I suppose it's hereditary) And then upon even closer inspection, I thought "Oh, I guess it is useful to have 3 fire hydrants right next to each other."

We had Christmas with Mike's family last night. At some point in the middle of the day, Mike texted me and said "Your presents aren't there yet, do you still want to go?" Which made me laugh and offended me at the same time. Hello, how materialistic am I? So I replied "Do you have any presents?" And Mike said something like "oh come on" (because I already knew he had presents at his parent's, I saw them under the trees) and I said "Of course I still want to go!" As if spending time with his family was contingent upon whether or not I received something in return? Later on I had a brilliant beyond brilliant idea (thanks George Banks) and I texted my mother-in-law and said "If my presents are not there tonight, I will be requiring a musical production describing them in great detail." And she replied some mumbo jumbo about them not being up for that and I was all " musical production?" to which her reply was "Your presents are here!" I didn't know if she was lying to me about it or was just too lazy to throw together some costumes and choreography in a matter of a few short hours. Come on Mama Roughton! What would Bob Fosse have done??? (my presents were totally there and I'm now the proud owner of "Thoroughly Modern Millie" on DVD, AND the most amazing set of pots and pans that don't have any plastic on them so they can go in the oven and also there's a small sauce pan. What? I've thought long and hard about what kinds of pans I would like.)

Then, as I was driving home from work some more (this was after the children/cardinal/fire hydrant incident), I thought to myself "methinks this is perfect weather for opening presents with one's family" because it was all overcast and low clouded and whatnot. So I guess it's a good thing my presents showed up. Because I was in a mood for them people!

Question, do you find it harder to wait to open your own presents or for others to open the presents you're giving them? I was discussing this today with Maggie's dad, Sam. (Maggie's my boss, but Sam signs my paycheck so I guess that kind of makes him my boss even more, but really, we all know who wears the pants at my job, and they're the kind of pants with an elastic waist for an almost 2 year old) Speaking of Maggie, we heard a weird noise today and it troubled her greatly. She looked at me with a very concerned look on her face, started to say "no" repeatedly, and patted her hand on her chest. This is what she does when she's upset. Like she's having palpitations or something.
Can I just say that hanging out with a 22 month old is way more entertaining than customer service?

So, I've been reading "A Long, Fatal Love Chase," right? Don't worry, it isn't nearly as dirty or tawdry as it sounds (it was written by Louisa May Alcott for crying out loud!). And it's got me thinking, just how long do you stay in a poisonous relationship with someone? Uh oh, we're getting deep here people.
But seriously, what do you do if someone you care for is making choices that are either self destructive or have negative consequences for others? Do you just love them and love them and love them until you're blue in the face, and worn out in the heart, and hope beyond all hope that your love will be enough to help them, or do you cut them off? I've had more than one friend that I would've given my life for. But then, because of one thing or another, the dynamic changes and that person isn't who they were before, and so, in my best interest (not to sound selfish, or cocky), I essentially backed up a little on the friendship. Which eventually leads to the friendship dying away all together. Oh! New thought! What if it's a family member???
These are all deep thought provoking questions I would like you all to be discussing in your next book club when you suggest that this book be read. Because it should be read. And please, after you read it, tell me whose side you would take, Rose's or Tempest's. See, I totally thought that Aleece and I would be on the same page, but after we discussed this book, I tell you we were NOT. But we're still friends.

I'm bursting with excitement now. I want everyone to read this book and then tell me whose side you're on!!! Team Rosamond or Team Tempest???

Oh, also, I know everyone is dying to know, and yes, Mike is now the proud owner of those creepy shoes that look like gloves for your feet.