There is a very good chance that I bought nine (9) pounds of butter tonight.


Okay, listen. You would have bought all that HEB had left too, if you saw that they had a coupon for a dollar off each box. Are you understanding what I'm saying? I got each of those boxes for $1.69!!! I KNOW!! Do you know what the going rate for a box of butter is around here now-a-days?!!? This is basically a gold mine. Maybe only to someone who bakes as much as I do. But still.

Yellow. Gold.

Not the rock kind.

This is the conversation I had with the kid who was at checkout:

Him: Wow. You must really like butter.
Me: (laughing) Y'all have a good deal right now, so I'm just stocking up.
Him: (laughing, relieved) Oh good. I was afraid you just sat around eating it by the stick.

Oh HEB. You and the people you hire. They're my favorite. You really can't spell Texas without HEB.

Also, it's beginning to look a lot like calories:

It's a good thing.