Are my siblings and I the only ones who had "The Three Little Pigs" on tape, with accompanying story book? ("You know it's time to turn the page, when the chime rings like this... RING! Let's begin now...) And the Big Bad Wolf said in his grumbly voice "Curses! Foiled again!" every time he tried to get a pig but failed? Anyone?

So I'm kind of superstitious but not super superstitious. In high school, we did a series of scenes from Shakespeare plays, and one of them was from a play that is cursed, and I told everyone it was cursed, but they didn't believe me. I will not tell you what play it was (IT'S CURSED!) but I WILL tell you it rhymes with "whackneth" (I just made that word up, please refrain from being too impressed). Also there is a PBS version of it that Captain Picard is in and I watched it one Sunday evening, after Mike had gone off to Fort Hood for the week, and it scared the living daylights out of me and it probably wasn't something I should have watched at night after my husband just left.


Despite my warnings (we're back to my high school reference, please keep up), nobody felt the need to do the rituals you perform in order to properly present said play. I know that sounds weird but, true story, if you say the name of the play in a theater, you have to leave and run around the theater three times pretending you're a billy goat. That's not really what you're supposed to do, but it's something weird like that (nothing like SACRIFICING billy goats...). Make sense? You think I'm joking, right? READ THIS!!! And for the love of ALL that's good and holy, do not say the name in a theater, whatever you do!! And when they thank you for not saying it, you can say "No thanks to me, it's all because of Sandi." (And I would say "No thanks to me, it's all because of Angie, cuz she told me about it first.")
Going back to high school, again (oh geez, how awful would that be?), my voice of warning was ignored and a curtain was sliced, a floor board was sliced, and a finger was sliced. The sliced finger made for great effect when the actor walked back out on stage with the chain mail head in his hand and it was dripping real blood. (I'm telling you people, lack of respect for cursed plays and using real, live swords does not go well together.)

In case anyone was wondering, the scenes from "As You Like It" and "A Midsummer Night's Dream" went splendidly. Cross dressing and all.

Speaking of curses some more, this one time, when I was working at the children's doctor place, the morning's total of money came out to be $666.00!!! I KNOW!!! After I finished the total, all kinds of weird stuff started happening, and it got crazy. THEN everyone thought I was the crazy one for saying it was because of the money total and it was cursed money and we should just throw it out. As it turns out, it was a place of business, and they frown upon throwing out money. Whether it's cursed or not. It makes no sense to me either.

Speaking of 666, I was talking to my mom today and she was running a credit card for a patient where she works, and the security code on the back of their card was that number. When she put it in the little credit card thing, IT WENT NUTS!!! Receipts spewing about, lights blinking, buttons hurling themselves across the room, children coming out of corn fields and speaking in German! It was horrific and hilarious because when she told me the story we were both laughing.

Anyways, that's what got me thinking about curses today.

Speaking of curses again (again), have you ever played the GAME curses? Oh. Man. It is hilarious. One time we played it and Holly had to start every sentence by saying "I pity the fool." Good times had by all. Until you have acquired so many curses it becomes more sad than funny, and then people really do start to pity the fool. And the fool is you. Just don't forget to ring the bell if someone forgets their curse!! NOW who's the fool???