Things That Make You Go Oy

So I replaced the black printer cartridge this morning.

Twice I tried printing off the recipe for strawberries and cream pie. Twice I got nothing but blank paper.
"What have I done to upset the printer cartridge gods?!" I asked myself desperately.

Let me tell you something.
Just a little piece of sage advice, from one person who suffers from blonde/Sandi moments, to another.
When installing new printer cartridges, pull off the little tab that blocks the ink from coming out BEFORE putting it into the printer.
You're going to get your best printing results this way.
I can almost 99% guarantee it.

In other "Sandi Moments Action News," my gate opener, punchy button thing, that I got from the apartment complex, is dead.
I played a big part in its death.
The other night, Monday night to be exact, we had a gargantuan storm come through. I really can't attest to how gargantuan it was because it hit hardest whilst the tall man I'm married to and I were in a theater watching "The Avengers." I'm told it was great though. The storm, not the movie. I saw the movie myself so I don't need someone else to tell me it's great. Which it is.
Moving on, Monday morning, I parked under covered parking outside of our apartment building. I knew rain was coming at some point, so I wanted to be prepared. At that point in the week, it was still relatively warm (the temperatures have dropped considerably and it's been an awesome week, weather-wise, I mean as awesome as it can be for being Texas in May), and I thought "Hey, I'll crack these here windows so my car doesn't get way hot, and I'm SURE I'll drive it again sometime BEFORE the rain hits."
You would think my confidence, combined with parking under cover would ensure that no rain got into my car.
Well, I happened to park my car at the end of the covered parking and also my confidence was false.
I didn't drive my car again until Wednesday.
By that time, there was a weird spot on the front seat of my car, where I could tell rain got on the steering wheel and dripped down onto my seat. I can't even begin to tell you how fun it was to actually put my hands on the steering wheel after that.
I thought that was the extent of my stupidity.
Not so.
Get excited.
I'm leaving the complex this morning, for to get some milk and contact solution (and some Sally Hansen nail polish that was on sale and I saw someone wearing it at church on Sunday and wanted to get it... it's "Gray by Gray" by the way and it's lovely), and my punchy button, gate opener thing wasn't working. I start thinking to my brain "Why isn't my punchy button working?" but then my brain turns all logical and says to me "Isn't a better question, why is your punchy button swimming in a cup holder of water?" because that's about the time I realized the punchy button was almost completely submerged in water.
The thing that truly baffles me about all of this is that I can find water residue in only two spots in my car: my seat and the cup holder.
How did the rest of my car escape any of the carnage? And how/why did it zero in on this cup holder???

35 bucks and a new punchy button later, I will not be cracking my windows ever again if there is rain on the horizon.
No matter what my pride tells me.

So, the moral of the story is, my car is getting a huge bath, inside and out, this weekend.

This concludes this afternoon's edition of "Sandi Moments Action News."
Tune in at 5 when we discuss what a bad idea making sorbet without an ice cream maker is.

And did you know that the lighting of the Olympic torch started as Nazi propaganda? Neither did I. Something to tell your kids before they go to sleep tonight.