Derby Day

I love, love, LOVE the Kentucky Derby. I like to watch all of the races for the Triple Crown, but the Kentucky Derby is my favorite.

I blame it partially on my friend Jessica who leant me ridiculous amounts of books, throughout 5th and 6th grade, about horses. I read those books and I dreamed. Dreamed of a world where when I asked my mom if I could ride horses she wouldn't say things like "You'll get bored with it" or "You're already in ballet" or "We don't like you so we don't like to give you what you want."
She didn't really say that last part.
But mostly, I just love horses and so I love to watch the races and learn about the horses themselves.

It's definitely on my bucket list to attend the Kentucky Derby someday.
I want to get a ridiculously gaudy and majestic hat to wear when I go, and drink mint juleps.
Or just a bottle of water is fine.

And what about those horses' names!!
Horses get the BEST. NAMES.
Daddy Nose Best? Daddy Long Legs? (what's with the daddy theme?) Take Charge Indy? Went The Day Well???
These names are awesome!

If I had a race horse I would name it something like... Needs Supervision, or Swing By The Grocery Store, or... no I would definitely name it Get Irish Or Get Out.

So, please, if you have time around 5:20pm (that's 5:20 Texas time), then you should pause and take a moment to revel in the adrenaline of two of the most exciting minutes in the year.

Look just do it, or Union Rags may bite you.