A Book For Faces

So, I'm taking a break from the Facebook.

I had an epiphany of sorts yesterday morning.
Why have I trained myself to check Facebook every morning to see what happened while I was sleeping last night? And then again at noon?
Why do I need to know that (these are meant to be no one and nothing in particular) Bob couldn't fall asleep until 4 am?? Why do I need to know that Susie thinks potato chips are awesome???

I was sitting there, scrolling through my news feed, reading all of these status updates and pictures that had been posted and all of a sudden I thought "Why is this important to me?"
Don't get me wrong. My friends are important to me. I like to know what's going on in their lives, (which is why I'm not quitting it entirely, just the occasional check in from now on) but I feel like more and more lately it's not so much finding out exciting life events as it is finding out that someone just stepped on a spider and is drinking a coke.
Also, I'll just be blunt here, the more friends I have having kids, the less I actually hear about my friends. It's like their kids have taken over their Facebook accounts (my friend Brandi is one of the exceptions to this, she's a good combination of posting fun things about her kids, and fun things about herself. Oh also, newborns. I love seeing new parents and new babies! I realize my opinion on this is all over the map here, but that's how my brain works. It's all over the map). Now, I know some of you just read that and are probably getting irritated and thinking "She doesn't even have kids" and you're right. I don't have kids. And this is in no way me being jealous of other people having kids either. Seriously. I realize that kids become, well they become life, and I love hearing about them and seeing pictures of them.
I just...would like to know about what's going on with my friends themselves more often.
I'm going to move on from this particular subject because I can already feel it getting touchy.
In the defense of my friends that are parents, it's not just kids that are being shown off. I'm sick of seeing posts about new cars, trips to some place, or some delicious whatever that is being eaten, followed up by something along the lines of "You can be jealous." Or usually it's just "Jealous?"
That one drives me up the wall.
Do you have any, ANY, idea how rude and self-centered you look when you tell people to be jealous of you? (I'm not innocent here, I'm pretty sure I probably posted that a time or two until I realized how bad it made me look)
I also become increasingly annoyed at how hard it is to post one's opinion on Facebook and just let it be. It's becoming much harder to do that without a bunch of different people jumping down your throat or telling you how wrong you are (this goes back to why I don't discuss politics, and why I have posted NOTHING concerning the upcoming election on Facebook). It kind of reminds me of this thing I read one time about drivers. Have you ever noticed that everyone who drives slower than you is an idiot and everyone who drives faster than you is a lunatic? Kind of applies to sharing thoughts on Facebook. I think? You get the idea.

So, anyways. Facebook. Yeah.
Don't worry, I'm still going to be blogging. If you followed me through my links I posted on Facebook, you'll just have to take the initiative and check back here every so often yourself  :)

Moving on to much more exciting things, we saw "The Avengers" last night.
As I was getting ready, I was thinking "Oh my gosh. We're THOSE people now. OLD PEOPLE. We don't go see movies on the weekend anymore because that's when all of the kids are there. Before you know it, we'll be hitting up the very first showing on Saturday mornings because it's the cheapest and we won't care that it's 9 am. What has become of us??"
That's what was going through my mind.
It's a pretty good movie. I won't lie to you, about 5 minutes into it my brain started saying to me "I TOLD you we should've re-watched all of those ones you saw last summer" because we went and saw "Thor" and "Captain America" last year (probably on the weekend, because we were still young and cool back then) and for the life of me I could not remember what happened in those. I remember Natalie Portman and possessed Nazis, and something about a glowing, blue box but that was it.
Turns out that glowing, blue box is pretty important to the plot and I scratched my head more than once trying to remember the logistics of it.
If you go see it, at least re-watch those two first. I don't think Iron Man or the last Hulk movie had as much info pertaining to "The Avengers" plot. (But I could be wrong?) 
Speaking of the Hulk, I have been greatly underestimating his abilities for the better part of my entire life. He's the Hulk and he can lay the smack down, but he can REALLY lay the smack down.
I mean REALLY.
Mike and I discussed the finer points of comic book movies on the way home from our hot date. We threw Batman into the mix because we saw the preview for "The Dark Knight Rises" before the movie (I was a little underwhelmed by it actually. I told Mike I think that any villain is going to have a hard time following Heath Ledger's Joker. It was just SO. GOOD. I had nightmares about him. Seriously! Nightmares! It was fantastic). I asked Mike which superhero, of any, he would want to have the abilities of. He said it would be cool to be Tony Stark for a day (he said it WASN'T because I have a crush on Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, but I suspect differently... Is that odd? I don't so much have a crush on Robert Downey Jr. or on Tony Stark, but on Robert Downey Jr. AS Tony Stark. So cocky and dreamy.... That Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts is one lucky woman). I decided, after last night's movie, that I would like to have Thor's hammer. It would be kind of cool to be fighting someone and you're just standing there holding your right hand out, and your opponent probably thinks you're crazy when all of a sudden some hammer from the gods flies out of nowhere, into your hand, and there goes their head. Or something.
So I had a brilliant idea after the movie last night, and I knew it was especially brilliant because of how hard Mike rolled his eyes. He rolls his eyes hardest at my most brilliant ideas. So what if the Avengers are fighting some bad guy, and all of a sudden the X-Men show up to fight the same bad guy (maybe Magneto is taking a break and so they use their powers to fight other evil?). And there's this awkward pause where everyone is wondering who the heck everyone else is, and then they join forces and are AWESOME!
They would be called.... The Avex-Men.

RIP Maurice