Things Tumbling Through My Mind Today

If I had just gotten out of bed, this morning, and run at the time that I started hemming and hawing over whether or not I was going, then I would've not only returned from the run by the time Sam dropped Maggie off, but also had the vacuuming done AND showered (lucky for Maggie she was around for the vacuuming part. She hates that thing more than Pete does).


Pete's old harness finally died about a month ago. A nice man at Petsmart (where the pets mart, you know like Petco, where the pets go. Ask Mike how much he loves when I say "Petsmart, where the pets mart" every time we pass one) told us that Pete's old harness is actually no good because it's designed for pulling. That's kind of the opposite of what we were going for with the whole harness thing. So now we have one of those things that goes over his mouth, clasps around his head, and the leash (which Mike made out of parachute chord, we are such Army nerds) hooks under his chin. 
You can take a poll of how many people living in this apartment think it's the best thing ever. The two people in charge think it's a God send. The one person (a furry one) who wears it thinks that it is some form of Nazi torture. Although, oh man, he looks so cute and pathetic with it on. If he was sopping wet while wearing it, I would not be able to stand all of the pathetic cuteness going on.

Last weekend I made sugar cookies shaped like Easter eggs and decorated them because it went along with the lesson I taught the Beehives on Sunday (God prepared a more "eggs"ellent way...Look the idea came from my mom alright?)
I listened to Christmas music while I did it.
I do not feel the need to explain the fact that it's the same cookies I grew up smelling every Christmas and that we decorated each year.

Mike has been making me laugh an alarming amount recently. I mean, he makes me laugh on a daily basis, but more so lately than usual. I'm beginning to suspect him of participating in illegal activities...

I watched a show on PBS, last night, about the flu outbreak after World War I and it was really very fascinating. And I was thinking how nice it is to watch such an informative documentary about death and disease when they started talking about how the next huge, deadly flu outbreak is only a matter of time away (but isn't EVERYTHING only a matter of time away?). And then I started thinking about how awful it would be if this huge flu outbreak happened at the same time as Yellowstone Park turning into a giant volcano like everyone is saying it will, which is also only a matter of time away (duh), but then maybe the volcanic activity would cancel out the flu virus? I guess, at that point, we would all be mostly dead anyways. Or fighting in games about hunger.
I wasn't too concerned about all of this, except the music on the documentary became increasingly creepy, in a piano-like way, and it made my insides feel weird so I turned it off and decided not to watch the documentary after it, which was about plagues.
Isn't PBS a shining beacon of happiness in our time?

In case anyone was wondering, I found three Robin McKinley books (which I've been looking for FOR-EVER) at Half-Priced Books and I got them all for eleven bucks. Can you shake a stick at that? Probably not. I've loved that woman's books ever since I first discovered them as an awkward, brace-faced girl in the eighth grade and needed some good heroines in my life. (please note the 's' on the end of 'heroine'. I gave hugs not drugs. Still do.)

Have a great day, and enjoy one of the things my dear husband shared with me during our courtship, which helped start the whole him making me laugh thing: