Well that was a weekend!

On Thursday, Mike and I skipped out of life and work early, packed up the Petey Pie and the car and headed up to my mom's house. My grandparents are visiting and I hadn't seen them since I got married (that was over 4 years ago) and also Grandma has been sewing 2 dresses for me (they're AWESOME), so it was necessary to visit.
Friday morning I was sitting at the table eating something, chatting with Grandpa and Grandma, and somehow Switzerland came up? I don't remember, but it turns out one of my great grandparents was born there which was completely new news to me. I thought it was all Germans and British people on my mom's side.

I like learning about my family's history. I like learning about history in general. I don't think that's properly conveyed on here, but (when I'm actually taking classes...) it's my major in school. My dream job would be for someone to pay me to study World War II. I understand that that is not a realistic job, so I'm content to read over (and over and over and over) my books about it. A whole chunk of my bookshelves is devoted to historical books, most of them being WWII related. Someone complimented Mike on his selection of history books one time and he said "Those aren't mine, those belong to HER."
It's just fascinating, and if we don't study it (history, in general) and learn from it, then mistakes get made all over again.
But also wasn't going off to war more noble back then?

I'm digressing here.

I like learning about my family's history. I learned, this weekend, that my grandpa had a pet lamb that was treated more like the family dog. His dad brought it home for him to take care of. He was allowed to bring it in the house and it even slept with him. And then, please go get your Kleenex because this is my least favorite part of the story of Grandpa and the Lamb, while he was at school one day, the lamb was sold to be butchered. And Grandpa didn't even get the money! After he finished the story he said "You love Pete, well that's how I loved that lamb."
Seriously. SERIOUSLY. I know. Poor Grandpa.
This is as bad as the time my dad told me he saw his dog Duke get hit by a car and die.
Can I please hug all of these animals in the next life??

Speaking of family members and animals, I had a great uncle who stole a bear cub from Yellowstone Park. True story. He put it in the trunk of his car.
He also tried to bring a horse into the house.
And he ran away from a hospital in nothing but his gown.
I'm pretty sure he drank a lot...

I have yet to do anything so entertaining in my life. Although I saw Donny Osmond at a gas station once.
There WAS this one time my brother was on Jerry Springer though. That is a story for another time.

My family, both sides of it, is endlessly entertaining to me. I was admiring some old, family pictures at my friend's house and she was telling me all of these sordid and sad and wonderful stories about the people in them, and it really made me want to find pictures of my ancestors and learn stories about them.
Because I don't think I've paid them enough attention.
And there's got to be a lot more fun and tragedy going on back there in time.
Except that was about a month ago, so I should really jump on that. Right?

Anyways, what's up with "Vampire Diaries?" Look, I only wanted to watch the first episode, on Netflix, just to see if it's interesting. Fast forward to me choosing to watch it instead of getting sleep.
And Mike teases me about it.
"Are you going to watch your teenage vampire show?" he says in a mocking voice.
BUT! the other night, I was watching it (duh) and Mike went to the gym and when he came back from the gym I was still watching it (duh), and he said "So...what's going on now?" in a nonchalant voice, because HE wanted to be caught up on it but not sound like he wanted to be caught up on it.
Look, I can quit anytime I want. I just don't want to. And also, I like Damon more than Stefan because he is funny and much more entertaining.

The best thing I've discovered today was the title of one of those smutty, grocery store romance books at...the grocery store.
It was called "His Favorite Nurse."
WHAT? If that doesn't seep romance, seduction, and desire, I don't know what does.
Now, I didn't pick up the book to read the back and see what it was about, but I drew my own conclusions and here's the plot of that book according to me:
He was injured in a mining accident, and he's paralyzed from the waist down, but that doesn't stop him from being perfectly muscular all over. And he has nurses come in to help him on a daily basis. Except, he has a favorite one. And because of her tender loving care and her smoking hot body, he's able to walk again and also have his way with her.
Isn't that a sweet story?