Gadding About Through Flowers And Combat Zones

Here they are.
As promised.

This is when Pete got in trouble for running over to that guy and bothering him.

My favorite part about the picture above, is that there was no planning involved.

Sometimes you love someone so much that a regular smile just doesn't suffice.

He just doesn't humor me like he used to...

Here it is. The last scene of "Jurassic Park." 
As Pete lurks patiently in the back.


So, life changing type news.

Did you think I was pregnant? I'm not. I'm planning a musical production to announce that to the world.

It would appear that I will be earning some stripes as an Army wife. I don't feel like I've earned ANY at this point. It's been a breeze thus far. However, when the tall army man I'm married to goes gallivanting off to somewhere before the year is up, it will probably feel more like a blustery wind than a breeze.
The big D word is happening. Mike's going on his first (and only? please let it be the only...) deployment.
While we're here, let's go ahead and give it up for the families that have sent soldiers/sailors (seamen...tee hee)/marines/etc. off on repeated deployments. Kudos people, you've got great strength.
It's kind of a good and exciting thing actually. And we've been kind of praying for it actually. And sometimes what you want and what the Lord wants for you are kind of the same thing actually.
Although once I heard that he was approved and going, my stomach dropped and I thought "What have I done?!?"

There's no official date set yet. Up until a couple of months ago (before he even volunteered for this deployment) I was dead set on staying rooted in this here apartment until he came home and life went on again. But then the Spirit said to me one day, "If Mike leaves for a long time again, you should go back home." So I am. I'm leaving Austin for a year, and moving back in with my mama.
Hello Tyler, Texas.
This is actually very exciting to me as my mom is not a psychotic woman and living with her is quite pleasant. She also encourages my desire to find endless kinds of recipes, so there's going to be a lot of good food experimenting going on. And lots of money saving. LOTS. Tender mercy of the Lord.

So, as of right now, I'm good. I've never had pregnant brain, but I'm learning that pre-deployment brain is kind of like it. It's in my mind all of the time so I've found myself zoning out on a lot of things recently and being a flake more often than is normal for me. Actually it didn't really register in my brain until the other day when I was talking to Maggie's parents about it, and I told them when it was and Annette said "Whoa!" And I thought "Yeah....There's not a lot of time to get things done!" There's a lot to be taken care of between now and then.

Honestly, my biggest concern, at the moment, is that leaving for the deployment doesn't interfere with my viewing of the Olympics...
I don't know if this makes me shallow or if it means I'm just being calm about the whole deployment ordeal. Or if I'm suppressing my freaking out until the last minute.

Let's take a poll.
Is Sandi being:
E)All of the above

This is very exciting. I grew up watching the Olympics religiously and I haven't missed any of it ever. 
One time I left a mostly uneaten meal at a restaurant and sped home so I wouldn't miss Michael Phelps swim in a final (the swimming is the BEST PART. Also beach volleyball). I'm only slightly insane.

Update: After some kind guidance from a dear friend who has been a deployment wife, what seems like, a million times over, I've re-written information that I put in about Mike's deployment. I'm still new to all of this and I don't need the government banging down my door because I violated OPSEC  :)