Joyful Jumping

Maggie and I hadn't gone on a walk since Wednesday, when we saw about 5 bluebonnets. Thursday, the heavens decided to open up and give us copious amounts of rain and cold weather. It finally stopped yesterday.
Today, while we were on our usual walking route, we discovered that nature had vomited bluebonnets all over the place and it. was. glorious. GLORIOUS. If I could go back and redo my wedding, I'd probably have bluebonnets in my bouquet. Although, you can't pick them....well you SHOULDN'T pick them. State flower and all.

Speaking of bluebonnets, here's one of my favorite memories:

Can you find the Petey Pie in this picture?

Pete's form of heaven would be a giant field of tall, wet grass and bluebonnets. I don't think I've ever seen him bound around like he did the day we discovered that field.

Anyways, these are my British socks:

They're the most exciting socks I have. Next to my pink, lucky rabbit socks. The socks are pink. The rabbits are white. With their powers combined, they're lucky.

Do you think if I wear them (the British socks), click my heels, and say her name three times, that Kate Middleton will magically appear and go to lunch with me followed by an invitation to spend the summer in the Greater British Area with her? 
I mean they will have Olympics going on, it would be the least she could do to invite me over to play. Yes?

(teaching my Beehives yesterday)
Me: Do you think there is a difference between happiness and joy?
(quiet, thoughtful silence)
One Beehive: I think joy is bigger than happiness.
Another Beehive: Yeah! Joy is jumping and happiness is hopping.

Seriously made my day.