"A while can be a very, very, very long time when you're 6 and 3/4." (Or 27 and 1/6)

So, I was just reading a couple of books to Maggie, before she took her nap. She picks one, I pick one, we all have a good time. She picked "Go Dog. Go!" which is quite a wonderful book except she has the abridged version which does not feature the dog that keeps changing hats. It's a crying shame. I picked "Olivia Saves the Circus" mostly because I think Olivia is a cute pig, but I've never read one of her books so I was curious. (Do you know who Olivia is?)

I made a startling discovery as I read "Olivia" to Maggie.

I. Am. Olivia.

She makes a mess of the kitchen, has clothes all over her room (this isn't my fault, I'm blaming it on Mike, mostly), has a deep and abiding love for Eleanor Roosevelt (if the poster hanging in her room is any indication), and she really doesn't have a clue about putting an outfit together and nonetheless doesn't care.
But really my discovery kicked into full gear when I read the line

"Olivia always blossoms in front of an audience."

And I thought "Oy Olivia, if the look on your teacher's face is any indication, we might both like being in front of audiences, but I don't know that the audience likes us being up there." I wonder if Olivia ever leaves an opportunity to have an "audience," and an hour later thinks "What the heck did I just say to those people? I will have no more friends after that one."

But I think probably not. She probably doesn't think that, I mean. Anyone who can turn a story about their father taking them sailing, into a grand adventure where she performs all of the acts at a circus (yet another Olivia/Sandi similarity. You should hear some of the tales that I spin; my family, and especially my husband, find them to be SO entertaining! Next time you see me, let's talk about how I dug the Grand Canyon with Al Gore), has to be pretty secure with themselves

You know, I could take a page out of Olivia's book! Not literally. Oh my, I would never rip a page out of a book...
But it's definitely time for me to start wearing red striped tights and ride a scooter down the street on my head. As it were.

(bonus points if you can guess who I'm imitating in the first picture)