A Little Something

I was watching "Julie and Julia" earlier today because Maggie and I started it last week and I didn't get to finish it because her dad came home and I had to leave work and there was still an hour left to find out if Julie made her deadline and what was going to happen!!!!! (I'd already seen it, I'm just trying to create a mood of suspense for this short post) For about 5 days I've been telling myself "Put in the DVD (we have not converted to blu-ray because I'm pretty sure when we do that they will come out with the next form of whatever and I will just sit tight until then thank you) and finish it already." So I did today. And good grief I really can't tell you why I cried so much throughout it. Especially since I started it smack in the middle.

What I CAN tell you is this:
It's one of those movies that really makes you feel like you can do anything (cooking/baking your way through a book or not). ANYTHING. And it was the kick in the hind quarters/big hug around the neck that I needed.

Is anyone else annoyed by Amy Adams' haircut for her role in this movie?

Also, I think I should be wearing my pearls for performing everyday tasks.