Worst Carol Ever

Remember how I was complaining about complainers the other day?

Well I have some more complaining to do.

So I love Christmas, right? There is one thing that I hate about Christmas and it is this:

No, not Motab (hello, fantastic, except when they wear pink), I mean the stupid song they're singing. It's like the never ending song. It's worse than the old lady who swallowed everything. It would've really helped if she had swallowed all of those gifts, instead of the fly and the horse and what not, because then we wouldn't have to deal with this song in the first place.

It's just BLEH!


In recent years, my heart has softened towards it, but only slightly. I can enjoy it, but only if it's one of the following 3 versions. 
A "12 Days" trifecta, if you will (minus the gambling):

If you haven't noticed recently, I have been in love with the Muppets since I was knee high to a grasshopper. They can do no wrong. (except for that dumb Christmas special they did a couple of years ago with Joan Cusack)

Anything that ends with Toto's "Africa" is awesome. You know it. And also, look at that cultural diversity. 9 white guys, and 1 black one. AND one of them is Jewish! This is, all around, a great version. The chaos of it is magical.

My favorite is when the guy rigging up the lights yells about extension cords because that was my dad's greatest fear, running out of extension cords. At least I think it was because, after he died, we found enough extension cords to reach to the moon and back. 
Tell me, what is my mom supposed to do with not one, but two (2) industrial sized, orange extension cords?

So there you go. 
Is it stuck in your head now? 
Merry Christmas!