Food, Cars, And Shoes. In That Order.

I learned a couple of things about myself today.

First thing:
I didn't notice this until a co-worker pointed it out to me, but I'm overly interested in food. Not like Cookie Monster's level of interest in food, but I'm just always intrigued by what food is around me. Is this making any sense? For instance, he pulled some food out of the fridge and I said "ooo what are you eating?" and then 30 minutes later when he pulled more food out of the fridge I said "ooo what are you eating?" to which he responded "You show an awful lot of interest in my food." I thought about that for a moment and then stated that I have an interest in food in general, and because of that I'm always intrigued by what other people are eating. I'm curious to know what they think is a good snack or a good meal and how they cook it and what they eat it with and what not. Is this weird? Please speak up if you're also the annoying person saying "ooo what are you eating?" And I don't say it as a way of secretly asking for free food. I really am genuinely intrigued (yes, that really does sound as strange as it sounds). It's the little things in life, right?
For instance, tonight I tried green bell peppers dipped in barbecue sauce. I never would have tried that on my own. It was good, minus the fact that the sauce left my mouth on fire, but still, I learned something new. (I also learned that when Josh says 'it's hot barbecue sauce,' it's hot barbecue sauce) Also, he had this really good shredded pork stuff and now I'm bound and determined to make shredded pork at some point in the ensuing weekend. (I realize that I said I don't ask the question of what someone's eating so that they'll feed me, and I followed that up with talking about how I ate Josh's food, but he offered and it was food so I ate some.)

Second thing:
By show of hands, how many people get irritated when you're at a stoplight, behind someone, the light turns green, they start to drive, and that is the moment when they decide that whatever is on the floor on the far side of the passenger seat is something that they need to get right now? Have I painted this picture clearly? Before, when the light was red, they were sitting there, paying attention, as well they should, but when it turns green, that's the time to apply makeup, shuffle through their purse, reach for something on the floor, bake a pizza, etc. You know, things people normally do while driving and probably shouldn't be doing. At least while the vehicle is in motion (A surgeon should definitely be performing heart surgery, but in the HOV lane? Maybe pulled over onto the shoulder of the road. It really makes you think, right?). Ugh, anyways, it happened to me today, and I never realized how much it bugged until she almost ran into the person in the lane next to us. What is so important that taking the chance of side-swiping someone is worth it?

I would like to give everyone the opportunity to air their annoyances (or grievances) right now. Go ahead. Let it out. Leave a comment. We'll all grumble and sigh and shake our heads together.

Also, I might have an affinity for neon colored shoes. 

I would like to purchase some. And HOW!