Congestion Of Many Kinds

This is how my head has been feeling the past few days:

Isn't that traffic congestion nice? Have any of you ever had the extreme pleasure of driving down I-35 in Austin? Let me rephrase that, have any of you ever had the extreme pleasure of parking on I-35 in Austin? A friend of mine was driving from Dallas to San Antonio one time, and made some comment on Facebook about being an hour and a half outside of San Antonio, and was stuck in a traffic jam. Somebody else commented 'Why don't you just say you're in Austin?' 

Oh and the SPLIT!!
This is the best picture I could find:

This doesn't really paint a pretty enough picture of 4 different lanes going 12 different directions and somehow they all merge back together again at some point. How fun is it when someone gets in a wreck down there, in the bottom level part?? Really. I've never been driving down there when that happens. How fun IS it?

Anyways, back to me. It's like the empty cavities in my head, that are there to protect it in case it collides with something dangerous (or so I'm told?), are jumping up and down and saying "Hey!! HEY!!! HEYHEYHEY! In case you forgot in the past few months, we're still in here!! And we can get congested and infected!!! HEEEEY!!!! Also we're going to stomp around on your upper teeth." 
Luckily for them, if I even look at any sinus, allergy, etc. medicines, I pass out. So I just stay away from them all together, non-drowsy or not. I am such a light weight when it comes to taking drugs. It's probably a good thing I don't drink. One sip and goodbye Sandi, see you next Thursday.

So I haven't been feeling in the bloggiest of moods. I apologize. I shouldn't really victimize myself here, though. The real victims are the employees of Academy who had to stay way past closing the past couple of nights (especially THURSDAY!! Talk about some overtime in that game!), waiting to see if they would be selling Texas Rangers World Champions t-shirts. Those poor, poor people. Also, some of us have been waiting many years for them to win the world series, and also we're still waiting.

Since there isn't much in my head at the moment, except for a traffic jam, I will share a couple little bits of my world with you. 

Have a splendid evening :)

(phone conversation with my mom)
Me: *blowing a raspberry into the phone
Mom: What WAS that??
Me: What? This? *blow another raspberry
Mom: Yes! That sounded like a camel pooting.
Me: I'm a little bit concerned that you know what a camel pooting sounds like.
Mom: Well I don't, but I imagine that's what it would.

(walking downstairs to Mike's car)
Mike: *waves at our neighbor and his phone proceeds to fall from his jacket to the ground
Me: What happened to your phone?
Mike: It fell on the ground when I waved.
Me: Where did it fall from?
Mike: Well, I thought there was this pocket inside of my jacket... *checks for the pocket* ...but actually it's just this piece of material folded up that looks like a pocket but it's not... I think I did this once before when I first got the jacket too...
Me: Huh.