The Art Of Stalking My Brain

I'm fairly certain I'm being stalked.

Like, 98% perfectly positive.

By a song.

Does that ever happen to you? No matter what you do, where you go, what you watch, a certain song shows up? I hear it all of the time on the radio, I think I might've heard it on a commercial?, and Ellen played it one time when a guest was coming out. It's haunting my dreams! I DON'T EVEN LIKE IT!

Here is my stalker:

(for the record, I didn't watch the whole music video, I don't  like the song as I said before, so apologies if there's anything "non kosher" in it)

There's a couple of things, about this song, that are funny to me.

Funny thing the first: 
When I first started hearing this, I could've sworn it came out in the early 90's. It kind of has that sound to it, don't you think? It was the kind of sound my brother's ex-girlfriend (The one that introduced me to all kinds of awesome music. Hello! ERASURE! She even taught Holly and me a dance to 'Star.' I can still remember most of it, for anyone who is interested. It's pretty sweet. Man, I could write an entire post on Amber, she was something else) would've exposed me to. In fact, I probably would've put money down on having heard it at some point in the 90's, if I was the bettin' kinda woman. But I'm not. So I didn't. And it's a good thing too. I looked into this little, annoying ditty, and it turns out it came out last year. In case anyone was wondering, last year was 2010 and the early 90's were 20 years ago (that still blows my mind, does time passing ever slow down?). So, as you can see from the picture I have just painted with my words, I would've lost money in said bet.

Funny thing the second:
I have this adorable trait, which Michael LOVES, in which something is said to me, and I hear something completely different. Not out of rudeness or a desire to be difficult, I just hear different things sometimes. He thinks this is so cute (husband's opinions may appear different than described). Anyways, this happens frequently with song lyrics. If I like a song (or don't like a song, it really doesn't matter) but don't know all of the words or can't understand what the singer is saying, I'll just plug my own version in. It's so fun. You should ask Holly how much she LOVES my version of 'Miss Murder.' She thinks it's great (little sister's opinions may appear different than described). You know, you don't even have to use the same number of syllables as the singer, just as long as you get the notes right. It's all about the music. Anyways, I don't know how many times I've heard a song and would swear that they are singing one thing and then years down the road, I listen to the song and suddenly the lyrics come out clearly and what I thought might've been a sweet love song is really about a prostitute? Or something? Are you following my train of thought? Like, all summer, I definitely thought Fergie was singing 'I'm addicted wanna German side your love' which really makes no sense to me, but not much about Fergie does. (JUMP INside your love DOES make much more sense, but unfortunately it doesn't save the song for me, I still don't like the newer Black Eyed Peas)
Moving on, I've become used to thinking that songs can't really be as weird sounding as I think they are. So when I first heard this song, I thought "Huh, I don't think the chorus is really saying 'all the other kids with the pumped up kicks better run, better run, out run my gun'" That just sounds violent and bizarre to me. As I researched the song to find out how old it was, it turns out my brain actually got one right this time. Those lyrics really are just as violent as I thought they were! WHO KNEW?!?! Also, it might've influenced a kid to bring a gun to school.... But this is not about school shootings. It's about my train of thought.

I think my mind hears something, isn't familiar with it or doesn't recognize it, and just turns it into whatever it thinks it should be. For instance, it made much more sense to me when I figured out that Red October is a submarine. I really couldn't tell you what I thought it was they were hunting for, but when I realized it was a submarine, that just made sense, what with the movie being all Russian and Cold War-y and what not (think about it, if I said 'Russian' what are the first 5 things that would come to your head? Probably something like vodka, fiddlers on roofs, and submarines. See, they just go together. The movie makes sense. Mostly). Also, I'm not ashamed to say that I made this realization in 26th year of my life... My dad spent the better part of my life trying to get me to watch that movie. It kind of became a running joke that I refused to, but now I kind of wish I had because it turns out that it's pretty decent, from the bits and pieces I've seen. It might be a better movie if I watched the scenes consecutively though... Also Dad tried to get me to watch 'Dune' and I can safely say that I will NEVER watch that one. I saw the scene with the giant worm when I was little, and it scared the living daylights out of me. No thank you, Bob!

On a completely different note, you can pat Mike and I on the back. We paid off TWO student loans! Two of eight which were once three... Isn't it so great how lenders can sell one loan four different ways? I just love that about them (Sandi's opinions may appear different than described).